This $20 Australian shiraz has been named the best in the world

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This $20 Australian shiraz has been named the best in the world

Words by Staff Writer

Taylors Wines stuns the wine world again with $20 Shiraz taking top honours.

In a stunning triumph for Australian winemaking, Taylors Wines, a family-run winery hailing from Clare Valley, South Australia, has once again claimed the title of the world’s best at the 20th annual VINUS International Wine & Spirits Competition in Argentina.

Their remarkable $20 Taylors Heritage Label Shiraz 2022 garnered a perfect 100-point rating, seizing the highly coveted International Champion trophy and leaving over 580 entries from 15 countries in its wake.

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This consecutive victory not only underscores Taylors’ mastery of winemaking but also solidifies their status as the first winery to clinch the top award two years in a row.

The Heritage Shiraz, a testament to Taylors’ winemaking heritage, pays homage to the winery’s first vintage in 1973. Its palate boasts rich flavors of plum, black currant, and cherry, with a subtle hint of mocha and a smooth finish, offering wine enthusiasts not just a beverage but a sip of history.

But the accolades don’t end there. Taylors also scooped up additional honours, including the Best Series of Five Wines in Competition Award, six Double Gold, and ten Gold medals. Notably, The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 and The Pioneer Shiraz 2019 earned impressive scores, each securing 99 points and earning spots in the Top Ten VINUS 2023.

As wine enthusiasts raise their glasses to Taylors Wines and the exceptional Heritage Label Shiraz, the winery’s accomplishment resonates as a testament to the enduring strength of Australia’s winemaking spirit.

For those eager to experience the world’s best without breaking the bank, the award-winning Taylors Heritage Label Shiraz 2022 is available for just $20, showcasing that exceptional quality doesn’t always come with an exorbitant price tag.

To explore Taylors’ award-winning wines and delve into their winemaking legacy, visit Taylors Wines.