Uncle Donut is opening a second store in Geelong this week

Uncle Donut is opening a second store in Geelong this week

The donut shop is making its much anticipated CBD comeback.

Inspired by the abundance of iced, sugared and gourmet treats taking over Melbourne, Uncle Donut was one of the first to bring glazed, dusted, fried and filled hand-crafted donut varieties to Geelong.

Opening on Little Malop Street back in 2017, the one-stop shop for doughy treats is continuing to plot their Geelong domination with a brand-new store to open in Geelong’s CBD, a spot which really does sound like a match made in heaven.

The key takeaways

  • Uncle Donut is opening a second location
  • The store is set to open in Westfield’s food court
  • With the Little Malop Store open two days a week, this new store will allow for donuts every day

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Taking over the Sumo Salad kiosk in Westfield, the Uncle Donut team are giving locals and tourists an easier way to get their hands on the treats that have previously only been available down Little Malop Street and online. This will actually mark the store’s second venture into Westfield, with Uncle Donut running a small pop-up shop in the shopping centre back in the early days.

Created by Ben O’Halloran and Adrian Augert, the owners of the former Ocean Grove cafe Uncle Jack’s, the Uncle Donut concept was sparked from people travelling all the way to Melbourne to get one of these delicious desserts.

Providing Geelong with daily hand-dipped, indulgent treats, selling out more often than not over the last four years, the venue became renowned for their monthly waves of mouthwatering flavours on offer.

Donut lovers have been blessed with the likes of Nutella, Strawberry Jam, Jaffa, an exotic Dulce de Leche, Rocky Road donut, passionfruit pavlova, Apple Pie Cheesecake to Lemon Meringue and even a Crème Brûlée donut, among many others.

The creations didn’t stop with the monthly menu though, with limited creations for those special occasions and events that they still continue to do to this day. St Patrick’s day has been celebrated with a mint green glaze, white choc pastry cream and Oreo crumbed donut, while the Easter Surprise sported a deep-fried ball of Frangelico custard, milk chocolate, hazelnut praline, topped with a kinder surprise.

While the Little Malop venue currently operates Friday and Saturdays from 9am until late, this new store will see these delicious treats available seven days a week. We’re expecting to see round works of art from their current offering, including the Caramel Oreo Donut, Salty Caramel, gluten-free cinnamon, the aforementioned Crème Brûlée, vanilla slice, Tim Tam explosion, peppermint crisp, strawberry jam and the golden gaynetto, among many others.

And the best part is the price, going for $4 each, or six for $20. How good!

The new Uncle Donut store is planning to open tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18 however be sure to check their socials for updates on a confirmed opening date.

You can find the new Uncle Donut store and their amazing house-made delicacies in the Food Court at Westfield, 95 Malop Street, Geelong.