Prepare to order one of everything, a Canadian-inspired café and bakery arrives on the Coast

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Prepare to order one of everything, a Canadian-inspired café and bakery arrives on the Coast

You don't have to wait to travel to try these iconic Canadian treats.

There’s no hiding the fact that Canadians have a sweet tooth, especially with bakeries creating swoon-worthy butter tarts (with or without raisins), almost too-pretty-to-eat sugar cookies, and cakes that look like works of art.

Well now we get to have a piece of that action with Maple Bakery Surfcoast, a new Canadian-inspired café and bakery in Torquay.

The key takeaways

  • A Canadian-inspired cafe and bakery has opened
  • Maple Bakery Surfcoast brings all the iconic sweets of Canada to Torquay
  • The cafe opened in May

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Taking to a spot at 40/10 Cylinders Drive in Torquay, this sweet venue is stocking plenty of good pastries, comforting warm desserts and of course, the flavour of maple syrup used in creative ways.

Bringing all the iconic Canadian treats to the coast, expect the likes of Salted caramel popcorn brownies, mom’s Nanaimo Canadian bar, lemon meringue baby cakes, raspberry and white chocolate blondies, rustic banana loaf, brownie-based cheesecake, and ginger and molasses cookies with lime cream.

Other treats the bakery have promoted include honey crunch caramel brownies, zucchini rockies bread, maple and pecan macarons, choux macas, bagels and pretzels, Brampton pecan and maple danish, pumpkin maple tarts with toasted pecan streusel, whoopies, carrot cale loaf, Beaver Tails, Nutella donut, quiche, artisan banana cake, and the classic maple bakery granola bar.

If you’ve ever been to Canada, or you’re in tune with the super sweet, wonderfully indulgent world of Canadian desserts, you would have recognised a couple of the country’s most iconic treats. From the Nanaimo Bar (no-bake dessert) and Beaver Tails (hand-stretched fried dough topped with cinnamon sugar), to maple tarts and pecan danishes, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of Canada – minus the travel fare.

For fans of delicious and distinctly Canadian desserts, you may have already seen or tasted Maple Bakery’s products with the business baking up a storm during COVID and stocking their sweets at the Cottage Café in Grovedale and The Coffee Dispensary in Geelong. Originally announced last year, the pandemic hasn’t been particularly kind to start-up businesses, delaying the construction aspect of the café until early this year.

Located just behind Aldi in Torquay, the cafe features creative chefs who love to experiment in the kitchen, meaning treats will always be changing.

With lip-smacking Canadian foods that are sure to tantalise the taste buds of every discerning foodie, the humble little café is a must-visit for when you’re trekking down to the coast.

Maple Bakery is located at 40/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay.