Two Noble opens, unveiling Geelong’s newest and most irresistible Asian fine dining destination 

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Two Noble opens, unveiling Geelong’s newest and most irresistible Asian fine dining destination 

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Geelong's culinary landscape is embracing a new zenith with the much-anticipated arrival of Two Noble, located above Sawyers Arms Tavern.

A fresh chapter in Geelong’s gastronomic story unfolds today with the highly anticipated opening of Two Noble, an exquisite Asian fine dining destination that promises to redefine the culinary landscape.

Situated atop the historic Sawyers Arms Tavern, which has reignited the scene with its refreshed European/Modern Australian menu, this culinary gem is poised to usher in a new era of refined dining experiences in the heart of Newtown.

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As the doors of Two Noble swing open, diners will be greeted by an alluring journey into the world of South East Asian cuisine, presented with an imaginative twist. Perched on the upper floor of the venerable 173-year-old Newtown pub, Two Noble embodies an elegant fusion of local produce, artisanal wines, and the vibrant essence of Asian culinary traditions, packaging a whole lot to love in a truly treasured location.

Behind this culinary venture is the visionary hotelier Paul Upham, renowned for his instrumental role in metamorphosing Lorne Hotel into dining destinations like Movida and Coda prior to its acquisition by Merivale. Upham’s latest masterpiece, Two Noble, is a tribute to his ardor for Asian gastronomy and his desire to share it with a discerning audience. Not confined by tradition or constrained by convention, Two Noble aspires to redefine the precinct of fine dining, propelling it into a more accessible and social sphere.

“Two Noble complements Sawyers Arms Tavern with a differentiated restaurant experience under the one roof,” Upham explains.

“Two Noble has grown out of our love of Asian food and the desire to share it with everyone else. We want to offer a really social, approachable fine dining experience.”


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Upham’s vision for Two Noble is characterised by an absence of traditional white tablecloths, inviting patrons to gather with friends and family in a setting that’s both relaxed and elegant. The focus, he asserts, is on the synergy of exceptional food, superb wines, and impeccable service – a synthesis that culminates in an unparalleled dining affair.

Underpinning the gastronomic excellence of Two Noble is a trio of culinary virtuosos. Executive Chef Mario Tambajong, formerly of MoVida and Coda fame, curates a menu that traverses the landscapes of Southeast Asia, showcasing a rich tapestry of textures, flavours, and shared dining experiences. From the signature house-roasted duck infused with Cointreau hoisin, to the tantalising crispy Barongarook pork paired with green papaya som tum, and the audacious striploin steak adorned with pineapple nuoc mam and crispy onion – every dish is a testament to Chef Mario’s creative prowess, which shines alongside Executive Chef Jackson Hunt (ex-Movida) who has transformed the Sawyers Arms menu downstairs.

Kickstarting the culinary odyssey, Chef Mario recommends the grilled prawn betel leaves. A medley of chewy betel leaves, grilled prawns, pineapple, and pickled wild ginger dance in harmony, delivering a symphony of exquisite taste and texture. And for those willing to embrace the unconventional, an Asian-style oyster kilpatrick awaits, where Chinese black vinegar and cured Chinese sausage take the lead.


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Two Noble’s vinous symphony is conducted by Restaurant Manager Adam Zelley, who curates a dynamic wine list that evolves weekly, introducing patrons to hidden gems and local gems alike. Zelley’s ethos revolves around championing the efforts of local vintners who venture beyond the ordinary to craft remarkable wines.

“I like to introduce people to new wines that they might not try on their own,” Zelley explains.

“Part of that is supporting local producers – the little guys putting in the work to deviate from the standard. So if people want to try just a glass of something different, we’re happy to pour it.”

Complementing the epicurean journey, Zelley extends an invitation to explore the bar’s South East Asian-inspired cocktails, each concoction resonating with the vibrancy of the kitchen’s offerings. The crowning glory of the cocktail menu is the ‘El Bon’, a playful reversal of ‘Noble’, boasting a fusion of coconut tequila, spice vanilla liqueur, and lime juice.

Impeccable gastronomy meets impeccable design within Two Noble’s inviting interiors, masterfully crafted by renowned local interior designer Pip Johnson. The ambiance, a delicate dance of organic materials, suspended lanterns, and thoughtfully curated artwork, envelops patrons in warmth and comfort. Soft greens, natural timber, and fluted glass contribute to an aesthetic that perfectly mirrors the culinary voyage.

Blending tradition with innovation, Two Noble stands as an exhilarating chapter in Geelong’s culinary chronicle, poised to redefine fine dining in the city.

The restaurant is located at 2 Noble St, Newtown. Reservations can be made at