True Brew: featuring at Bendigo’s Craft Beer and Cider Festival

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True Brew: featuring at Bendigo’s Craft Beer and Cider Festival

In a day which pays tribute to craft beer and the people behind the crisp, refreshing creations, the Bendigo Craft Beer and Cider Festival is dedicated to supporting and celebrating the regions best brewers, especially Bendigo’s own local legends.

Returning again this year for the festival includes Bendigo brewery True Brew – a craft brewery created by two local brothers Lachy and Cam Poyser back in 2011. The local brewery will be featured alongside more than 20 different brewers of beer, cider and even alcoholic iced tea from around Australia, all bringing new styles, collaborations and experiments to one place.

“It’s got a real up and coming craft beer scene in Bendigo which is great. We’ve been involved since the beginning, being locals. I think this is going to be our fourth year. We love the beer festival,” co-owner Lachy says. “I guess the great thing for us is that we still get really good support from the locals, even though there are so many other unique and different breweries that they may not have a chance to try. It definitely gives us a good opportunity to tell people what we do and get people interested in us.”

True Brew focus on selling their beer commercially to pubs, restaurants and bottle-shops, as well as opening their brewery up to the public where people can come and make their own beers, highlighting their clear passion in the creation of beer and bringing their business to the forefront of craft beer.

“Been able to think of an idea and bring it to life is one of the exciting parts about running a brewery. Our aim is basically to educate people on craft beer and what goes into making it,” Lachy says.

With the Bendigo Craft Beer and Cider Festival giving brewers the chance to showcase their best brews, it also gives breweries the opportunity to meet and chat to their customers, especially leading into the cooler months and heading out of the ‘beer-drinking season’.

“With most breweries, that period leading up into the colder months is definitely the slower time, so to be able to have that extra boost from these sort of events that get created definitely helps us out from a business perspective,” Lachy says. “It’s a combination of both rewarding financially and being able to get our name out there at the same time, and getting to chat to all our customers and meet them all in one big area is a massive part of it.”

As a brewery producing a range of different brews, True Brew will be bringing a couple of their favourites to the festival, along with a couple of new creations for beer lovers to test out.

“We always try to have at least one or two new beers to showcase. Our main stand-out which just goes nuts is our alcoholic ginger beer that we produce. That’s the one we push the most commercially, just because we are still a small scale brewery and it’s hard to make bigger volumes of lots of different beers. Our alcoholic ginger beer is gluten free, it’s chemical and preservative free, and basically is a damn good ginger beer,” Lachy says of the light-bodied and easy drinking brew.

With local breweries being one of the best ways to learn about craft beer – and one of the best places to find unique brews you can access on a regular basis, True Brew will be one to visit at this years beer festival.

When & Where: Tom Flood Sports Centre, Bendigo – March 25

Tickets available at

Written by Talia Rinaldo