Toxicon: Purge

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Toxicon: Purge

Do yourself a favour: close your eyes, hit play and let Toxicon’s newest release Purge squirm its way into your brain. ‘Heroes of the Deluge’ is a monster of an opening, teasing the listener with a killer guitar intro – and that’s just the beginning.

With this release it marks the debut from local band Toxicon and it’s definitely a big entrance into the scene. Recently supporting Twelve Foot Ninja on tour, there is some serious growth ahead and people are already paying attention. Pay particular attention to the drums in ‘Crawler’, vocals in ‘Immersifier’ and ‘Void’ overall.

The only downside is that it’s clear to see, these guys would go wild on stage, though the manic, rough nature is slightly missed out on with the recordings. In saying that, the guitarist absolutely kills it on this release regardless. With this release the guys have perfected the debut, it’s cohesive, instrumentally well-executed and shines a light on the talent and future the band clearly have. Another local export that we can see are heading for big things.


Out Independently
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot