Top Five Aussie Game Shows That Deserve a Reboot

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Top Five Aussie Game Shows That Deserve a Reboot

5. Gladiators
Now don’t worry, I’m fully aware this show already got rebooted in Australia and failed (despite having Zeus himself Anthony Koutoufides), but I think in today’s generation of fitness fanatics, Gladiators would be a massive hit. Just cut out the campiness and treat it more like a sporting contest as opposed to a game show. Oh and bring back Mike Whitney as the head referee.
4. Burgo’s Catch Phrase
Ah good ol’ John Burgess. Minds were blown when he jumped ship to Channel 9, leaving behind Channel 7’s Wheel Of Fortune for this little gem. You didn’t have to be a genius to win big on this show, you just needed to be a) good at solving problems and b) know a lot of catch phrases. The only shitty thing was that once someone won the car, they were retired and couldn’t return. Pretty lame.
3. The Price Is Right
COME ON DOWN!!!! Is there really anything I need to explain about The Price Is Right? It’s wacky, nerve-racking and at times down-right hilarious. My personal favourite mini-game was the little yodelling guy. You know the one.
2. Wheel Of Fortune
I’m not going to lie, my wife Nicola and I watch EVERY episode of the U.S Wheel Of Fortune on Foxtel. Their concept is different to how it was run in Australia (it’s better), with no carry-over champ, it’s a new three contestants each show all trying to win big money (they recently implemented the million dollar prize).
With the recent success of Family Feud on Network 10, surely there’s a TV executive out there with their finger on the button, just waiting for the perfect time to relaunch WOF. Heads up, that time is now. However I make one suggestion, don’t make the contestants have to follow the letter they’ve asked for with a word starting with that letter. Nobody needs to hear “N for Nelly” ever again.
1. Who Dares Wins
This was by far my favourite game show as a kid. I always used to hope that one day I’d see Mike Whitney and Tania Zaetta in Geelong, hustling people into doing stupid shit in exchange for $50. Boy was this show fun, except you always felt terrible for the people who couldn’t overcome their fear in the final challenge. For those who never saw this show, it’s basically Fear Factor before Fear Factor was Fear Factor. Bring it back immediately.
Written by Brendan Dando
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