Gallie: The Occoquan River

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Gallie: The Occoquan River

Last year it was Tim Hulsman’s Dead Mans Garden, that took home my accolade for local release of the year. But this year 2015, we have a new king I feel can be crowned right now, even though it’s September. Local Surfcoast artist Gallie has delivered a brilliant release in The Occoquan River. Entering the international songwriting contest, judged by none other than Tom Waits, you are able to see the beauty of Gallie’s songwriting throughout the whole of this record. Sweeping string arrangements and catchy vocal harmonies are at play in ‘Louisa’s Bed’ which opens this record.
Originally from Ireland, the album sounds a little like Glen Hansard and The Frames and hopefully this album is just as successful as their stellar career has been. One of the key things that makes this album so enjoyable is the simplistic nature these songs hold. At first, it sounds like easy to hear folk music but combine this with a killer story and you have the masterful art of Gallie and the Occoquan River. There are many songs on this record that could vie to be my favourite, yet this is a seamless listen. If you are looking for a chilled out acoustic folk album to ease into your Sunday, then look no further than Gallie.
Out now independently
Reviewed by Tex Miller