Too Heavy To Hug #713

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Too Heavy To Hug #713

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They say imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery and in recent times we’ve seen a proliferation of church burnings in some parts, and let’s be honest here, it’s probably due to the recent release of the film Lords Of Chaos. The first person to be charged for two counts of arson (burning two churches) is in New Zealand, is a death metal drummer and there have been comments made on social media that he has a history of mental illness and his actions weren’t due to the metal scene or movies about the history of black metal in Norway in the early 90s.

Then a week later, a massive black metal fan, and fan of Varg Vikernes memes, in the US has been charged with burning three churches, and a fourth burnt church could be attributed to this guy, in the space of a fortnight. And now, at time of writing, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is ablaze, and the cause is unclear. Whilst there’s no hard evidence to suggest these guys who have been charged did this stuff based on a movie, it’s all a bit sus. Like, remember the time kids were warned to not go into sewers when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were hugely popular? Yeah, this kinda feel like that. Also, I wonder if these two dudes went looking for the Turtles in the sewers when they were younger.

In other news

At The Gates, The Haunted and Witchery will be at Melbourne’s Max Watts on Saturday April 27.

Sevendust will play the Forum on Saturday April 27.

Boris The Blade have announced their farewell tour and will play the Evelyn Hotel on Friday May 3 to a sold out crowd, and a second Melbourne show at the Workers Club on Thursday May 2.

Hypocrisy, with special guests Kataklysm, will be at 170 Russell on Sunday May 5.

Ne Obliviscaris with special guests Rivers Of Nihil, Caligula’s Horse and Allagaeon will play 170 Russell on Friday May 10.

Cult Of Fire will play their only show of their current tour at Melbourne’s Max Watts on Tuesday May 28.

Darkthrone will release their new album Old Star on Friday May 31.

Destoryer 666 with special guests Bolzer will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Saturday June 1.

Karnivool will play at The Croxton in Melbourne on Wednesday June 5.

Rings Of Saturn will be at Melbourne’s Stay Gold on Wednesday June 19.

Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin will play the Corner Hotel on Thursday June 27.

Thy Art Is Murder will be at The Corner Hotel on Saturday July 13.

Crowbar will be at Melbourne’s Max Watts on Saturday July 27.

Slipknot will release their currently untitled new album on Friday August 9.

Devildriver and special guests All That Remains will play 170 Russell on Sunday August 25.

Metallica, with Slipknot as support, will be at Marvel Stadium on Tuesday October 22, which is now sold out. A second show has been announced for Thursday October 24.

The Soilwork gig has been postponed and will now be at Max Watts on Saturday November 2.

Crowbar will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Saturday December 7.

Written by Paul S Taylor. If you have any news about local metal bands, shows or albums, let THTH know by emailing to [email protected] or get in touch via Twitter at @TooHeavyToHug