Woman of no steel

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Woman of no steel

I’ve had a left knee reconstruction and a left ankle reconstruction. I’ve been allergic to egg my entire life. Then there’s my back catalogue of greatest hits. Severe asthmatic. Childhood seizures. Severed thumb. Uterus cysts. I mean, how am I still single? I’m a total catch… a patched up, stitched up and vitamin boosted catch!

Despite the shopping list of ailments and a few close life and death calls, I’ve never played the victim. It’s… “character building”? Sure. It’s certainly made life interesting. Financially poor, but interesting.

I can laugh about it now. The four months in a moon boot… yeah, not so funny. My Dad would say “just tough it out”. I did teach myself to move forward and deal with the problem straight up. Dwelling on the situation only prolongs the issue. Oh, and ALWAYS have health insurance.

So now I have a new edition to Stampys’ greatest hits. Drumroll please… ANEMIA!

What a little bastard.

It seems after my stint in hospital last year with influenza A (oh yeah that too. Just add it to the total bill), my body was tapped! I eat well, but not enough of the right stuff it seems. So, my body started giving me a big F U. I was severely fatigued, I was dizzy during fit camp, (men, cover your eyes) and I was suffering irregular and painful periods.

This was a serious wake-up call. I was lacking productivity, energy, and inspiration and it was costing me on the regular. I thought salads and exercise would support my busy lifestyle and keep me “healthy”. Ummm, that’s a HARD NO. I wasn’t taking care of my whole self. So, I listened to my body and sought help.

Doctor (blood tests in hand): “how are you still standing, your numbers are low?”
Me: “caffeine and stubbornness” *sips latte*

After the doctor confirmed the iron deficiency, and I cracked a couple of lame Flo Rida Low jokes, I was straight onto the supplements. But I don’t just believe in band-aid fixes. I’m now seeing a councillor to manage my stress and the anxiety and I’m seeing Maree at Nourishing Life to manage my nutrition. It also seems irregular and interrupted sleep was hindering my recovery and triggering other health issues so I was straight on the magnesium too.

This was not meant to be preachy, and I certainly don’t have all the answers to everyone’s problems. I’m not Dr Google*. What I do know is that after years of being in and out of hospital and years of living with the only body I will ever have; I must give it the respect it deserves. Seriously, your body is intuitive and smart and you should listen to it more. I know I have a direct line to mine now.

Also, doctors don’t appreciate naughties hip hop music references. Or apple bottom jeans. Or boots with the fuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr.

*Dr. Google is not a real doctor. If it was, we would ALL have cancer when really, you’re just constipated. Please see someone who studied at a REAL university.

Til next time, Stampsy xx

You can hear Stampsy on K rock 95.5 & find her on the ‘gram @lee_stamps, FB @StampsyKROCK. Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong