Too Heavy to Hug #635

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Too Heavy to Hug #635

Welcome to THTH, Forte’s premier source of all things heavy, hard, fast and metal. You may recall last issue’s THTH about Ne Obliviscaris’ (NeO’s) idea to raise funds by offering fans varying levels of monthly “support” they can offer the band. “Support” being, essentially, people pledging, giving, donating, etc, money to the band each month for, say a year.

Well, a week after I got the first email about the idea, I received a follow up email saying NeO had garnered $100k worth of “support” for the year. Just to recap, that’s money being paid every month to a band to keep them doing what they’re doing, IE: keeping them in the studio and on the road and supporters will receive exclusive content and shit depending on how much money they’re paying the band each month.

Last issue I raised the point of comparing giving money to a charity each month compared to giving it to a band, kinda, highlighting how first world we are where we can use disposable income to support a band as opposed to help other humans with the basic needs.

Whilst a $100K investment in a progressive metal band is more of a gamble these days for not only any record label, but any business, I can see the now precedented attraction to this business model for bands to seriously consider. Only time will tell, well, 12 months, will give a fairly good idea as to exactly how much “support” was received by the band.

My next concern is the gamble everyone is taking on this one band. What if their next album is a total pile of shit? Everyone will withdraw their “support” and the band will be left to continue with whatever resources they have remaining, that’s if they’d want to continue after so much direct negative feedback. There’s a lot more on the table than money here, for everyone, and the most interesting thing to watch will be the supporter’s reactions to the band and the sense of ownership and even direction the supporters may take.

In other news Stormtide, The Nuremberg Code, The Ascended and Aeonian will play the Barwon Club on Friday April 1. It promises to be a big night of metal in Gee­ town so get down there and check it out.

Black Stone Cherry will release their fifth album Kentucky on Friday April 1.

Deftones will release their new album Gore on Friday April 8.

Caligula’s Horse will be at Ding Dong on Friday April 8.

Trivium’s first show at 170 Russell on Wednesday April 13 has been sold out and tickets are selling fast for their second show 170 Russell on Tuesday April 12.

King Parrot will play Ballarat’s Karaova Lounge on Saturday April 16, the Barwon Club on Sunday April 17.

Five Finger Death Punch will play an all ages show at Festival Hall on Wednesday April 20.

Iron Maiden will be flying into Oz on their Ed Force One (piloted, of course by Bruce Dickinson). Melbourne’s show will be at Rod Laver on Saturday May 9.

Katatonia will release their new album Fall Of Hearts on Friday May 20.

Spanish thrash metallers Angelus Apatrida will play Melbourne’s Bendigo Hotel on Saturday May 28.

Deafheaven will play be at the Corner Hotel on Friday June 3.

Death Dealer will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Monday June 12.

Crytopsy with supports Whoretopsy and I, Valiance will be at the Northcote Social Club on Saturday September 8.

If you have any news about local metal bands, shows or albums, let THTH know by emailing to [email protected] or get in touch via Twitter at @TooHeavyToHug

Written by Paul S Taylor