Too Heavy to Hug #634

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Too Heavy to Hug #634

Welcome to THTH, Forte’s premier source of all things heavy, hard, fast and metal. Aussie progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris (NeO) have come up with a novel way of fundraising to keep them making music and on the road.

NeO are offering their fans the opportunity to ensure the band continues to do what it does best via monthly contributions. Put simply, the band are asking for monthly donations. Kinda like how charities ask the public for monthly donations so the charities can save starving and/or diseased children, raise awareness of AIDS around the world, campaign for more rights for women in countries where their rights aren’t valued, provide water safe enough for people to drink, you know, that sort of basic stuff.

But, with the NeO monthly contributions, you get a whole swag of included shit from the band that nobody else gets (except fellow monthly subscribers and probably all at the same time).

For $25.00+ a month you could become a Master in the Order of the Ne Obluminati and get stuff like a live online chat with the band once a month, access to covers recorded by NeO, a lanyard, a t shirt and some periodic access to live video streams of NeO rehearsals.


For $20.00+ a month you could become a Field Partner with Medecins Sans Frontieres which means the ongoing regular support from yourself assist them in planning operations and responding quickly to emergencies while remaining flexible and independent.


For $15.00 per month with Oxfam you can assist them in providing a family with a hygiene kit to help minimise the risk and spread of hygiene related illnesses.

In part articles I have discussed how heavy metal is slowly becoming the modern global high art, basically, and now we can directly support a band, like we would a charity. First world problems, to support a band or a charity?`

In other news

Spiritual Beggars will release their new album Sunrise To Sundown on Friday March 18.

Sevendust will be at 170 Russell on Friday March 18.

Amon Amarth will release their 10

I Exalt and Justice For The Damned will play Melbourne’s Bang on Saturday March 26

(18+) and an all ages show at Wrangler on Sunday March 27.

Black Stone Cherry will release their fifth album Kentucky on Friday April 1.

Deftones will release their new album Gore on Friday April 8.

Caligula’s Horse will be at Ding Dong on Friday April 8.

King Parrot will play Ballarat’s Karaova Lounge on Saturday April 16, the Barwon Club on Sunday April 17.

Five Finger Death Punch will play an all ages show at Festival Hall on Wednesday April 20.

Iron Maiden will be flying into Oz on their Ed Force One (piloted, of course by Bruce Dickinson). Melbourne’s show will be at Rod Laver on Saturday May 9.

Spanish thrash metallers Angelus Apatrida will play Melbourne’s Bendigo Hotel on Saturday May 28.

Death Dealer will play Melbourne’s Max Watts on Monday June 12.

If you have any news about local metal bands, shows or albums, let THTH know by emailing to or get in touch via Twitter at @TooHeavyToHug

Written by Paul S Taylor