Listen Out For… Sheeza Goer

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Listen Out For… Sheeza Goer

Hi! Thanks for chatting with me today! Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Rohan Eckardt, the bass player and lead vocalist of Bendigo hard rock band Sheeza Goer.

Describe your current EP

It’s a good old fashioned Aussie pub rock/hard rock album. There’s some genuine hard rock songs, some boogie rock and even a slower blues song. All up, though, it’s brutal, honest hard rock.

If you could share the stage with one other artist, who would it be and why?

Alan Lancaster, the bass player from Status Quo, because he has been my idol since I was a kid. He’s the best around playing hard rock/boogie rock – a true legend.
You overhear two people chatting about your set in the toilet cubicle at the venue you’ve just played, what would they be saying?
Man that was a brutal set, but it was really fun.

Where can we find your EP/See you play?
Watch out for us playing at Musicman Megastore in Bendigo, where we’ll also be selling our CDs. Also visit our Facebook page.

Release: Hard N Heavy is out now