TK Bollinger to play Ballarat

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TK Bollinger to play Ballarat

Sadcore and doom blues is where songman t.k. bollinger feels at home. At the beginning of the year, the weary troubadour released his second solo album Shy Ghosts, a “collection of slow, delicately arranged songs that speak of sorrow and loss, dementia and decay, fog and fear”.

Quite beautifully, the album comes with 13 associated videos produced by Vis Ortis, which you can view through YouTube. Accompanying him on a night out in Ballarat is Dirtbird.

Among other things, ‘dirtbird’ is Irish slang for a particularly filthy-minded individual. According to the band, Dirtbird is the “ethereal, mysterious musical project of singer-songwriter David M. Lewis”. Who to believe?

Babushka Bar, Ballarat – April 23.