The Yard Apes to Play Ballarat

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The Yard Apes to Play Ballarat

Look deep down to the bottom of your souls, Forte readers, and ask yourself if ever there has been a time when staying at home would have been the better option.

I reckon you could probably come up with at least a dozen times, and that’s because you’re godless degenerates. And we like that about you.

With a king-sized plate of raw, fuzzed out, garage rock’n’roll comes The Yard Apes and their new album Should’ve Stayed Home. It is an album that touches on subjects including gloriously quitting your job because your boss is a bell-end, to losing everything after your wife hooked up with your mate.

The Eastern, Ballarat – April 23. Shovels and Thee Cha Cha Chas will be there, too.