Tips for Wearing (and Not Wearing) Active Wear

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Tips for Wearing (and Not Wearing) Active Wear

Rocking your leggings, sports crop top and Nikes seem to be all the rage, regardless of whether you’ve done any actual exercise. So to save you from being “that person” at your local café, we’ve put together a few tips to wear your sports gear.

1. Get Tactical. If you’re set on showing off your booty in those new spandex you bought and can’t be bothered changing for your gym sesh, make sure you head to the café/shop closest to the gym. That way people will easily make the connection: “Oh, she/he’s just gone to the gym” rather than thinking you’re a show-off.

2. Look the part. If you’re going to do the “gym-thing” make sure you’re not loaded with makeup or impractical gym wear. Throwing on a pair of workout shorts is by no means practical if you’re pairing it up with boots or sandals. Tuck a drink bottle under your arm and you’re set.

3. Opt for Takeaway. Getting your coffee to go just screams that you’re in a rush to your gym sesh or your glutes are so sore from squatting you can’t bear the thought of sitting down at a café.

4. Rethink Your Transport. So maybe you don’t want to actually go to the gym but you just like looking sleek. Maybe it’s worth walking to your destination to put your outfit to some use.

5. Don’t Crop It. Unless you’re at a beachside town where exposing your midriff is mildly acceptable, don’t go the crop in public. Throw on a jumper or shirt over the top as those abs are best saved for yourself or your Insta feed #fitspo.

6. Talk it Up. That’s right, mention how you just did 100 bench presses, 45 minutes on the rower and assert your gym prowess. No one will question your gym attendance.

7. Be Sensible. Your hairdressers, the shopping complex or your friend’s 21st are by no means places to exhibit your sporting habits. Think before you spandex.

8. Get Real. Ultimately, with gym facilities giving you plenty of opportunity to have a shower and get changed, there are fewer reasons to be seen in your active wear. While it’s great to show off your body and be comfortable, there is a place and a time for the general public witnessing the curves of your recently exercised bod.

Image: Sourced from YouTube