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The Forte Trend Flashbacks & Predictor

Sometimes as you flick through your closet passed those flared denim jeans you bought that one time and the hot pink polo sweater, you can’t help but think, just what the hell was I thinking? In hindsight there are many trends that are a shock to the system, and to your mum’s photo book, so we’ve decided to have a look at all the big trends of the past few decades. It’s bound to give you some serious flashbacks and regret, so maybe keep an open bottle of bourbon beside you.


’70s – It was a great time for music and flowing locks, but not so much for denim supplies – which were in high demand. This decade saw and influx of contradictory fashions, from the barely there of hot pants to the cover-all of jumpsuits, both rocked by many big-time musicians on stage. The biggest trend of all, and one that tried to make a revival of late, would have to be bell bottoms. You’d be hard-pressed to find a photo from the ’70s that didn’t have someone rocking these bottom heavy jeans.

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’80s – From a quick quiz in the office as to the most iconic fashion from the ’80s, the “Get Physical” look (made popular by Olivia Newton-John in 1981) was unanimously the first thing to spring to mind. The look quickly sparked a series of fashion trends – those being the leg warmers, leotards, oversized tees and stirrup pants – but were often worn together. Just goes to show the ’10s weren’t the first time fitness wear was worn without purpose.

’90s – This decade is best known for what we like to call the “Fresh Prince Effect”. Taking off from the mid-’90s the show saw everyone rocking backwards caps, Air Jordans, sweatsuits, brightly coloured tracksuit pants and more. It was all about the label, the sass and the colour this decade.

Kanye West's Performance at Paradiso Amsterday-May 18, 2004

’00s – We’d like to refer to this decade as the black hole of fashion. With the turn of the century things got a bit confusing and hella weird. Shutter shades were a big deal, V-neck t-shirts came in late in the decade and cardigans were the biggest thing (even if your nan had the same one). However, the biggest trend was popping the collar of your favourite brightly coloured polo shirt, we’ve all been there and regretted immensely a decade on.

’10s – We’re currently halfway through the decade, but what will stand out as the most memorable fashion trend? Crop tops, “happy pants”, skinny jeans, gender-neutral clothes and midi-skirts are all on the list, but with four years to go there’s still likely to be a wild card entry. At this point in time, the biggest trend we see rising is the popularity of gender-neutral clothes, it’s a sign of the times. That means women wearing what are traditionally seen as “men’s shirts” and men with more feminine items. The boundaries are blurred, and it’s an exciting time to see what will come next.