Tiny Little Houses are back with their new single and video for ‘Garbage Bin’

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Tiny Little Houses are back with their new single and video for ‘Garbage Bin’

Tiny Little Houses return with new single ‘Garbage Bin’, a track that will surely be an anthem for the new slacker generation.

Written while lead singer Caleb Karvountzis was in the midst of final assessment hell and contemplating ditching another degree, the song chronicles the journeys and failures of being twenty something, broke and not meeting your own expectations.

Once the bones of the song had formed, Caleb took it to his close friend, the late, great Fergus Miller (Bored Nothing/Wedding Ring Bells).

“I went over to my friend Fergus Miller’s place and showed it to him. We arranged and demoed the track, right there and then in his make-shift lounge studio. Tragically Ferg passed away a few short weeks later so it remained unfinished,” Caleb says.

“We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the original files and finish the track off in studio with Steven Schram while working on our album earlier this year. The band made sure to keep the essence of the original recording, leaving in Ferg’s parts on this released version, while adding necessary touches and changing a few lyrics to reflect the sad circumstances.”

While the song is packed with cynical reflection, its recording roots has led it to have greater meaning to the band.

“This song will always be dear to me because it conjures the last moment I saw Fergus. A cold afternoon in his lounge, wires and pedals covering the floor, watching him happily bash away on the drums.”

The accompanying video for the single is a visual translation of the lyrics and was a concept dreamed up by Caleb and directed by up-and-coming Melbourne director Marie Pangaud. You can view it below.

To celebrate the release of ‘Garbage Bin’, TLH will be playing a special launch show on August 19 Aug at Howler, Melbourne.