Tinder Diary's (life of a local Tinder user)

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Tinder Diary's (life of a local Tinder user)

Tinder is a modern phenomenon and there is a whole virtual world of one night stands and romantic meet ups happening throughout the suburbs of Geelong and surrounding areas – along with the rest of the world too, of coarse. If you don’t know how it works, you have a profile picture and people swipe right or left, based on your face: swiping left means ‘NO’ and swiping right mean ‘YES’ or that your’e “interested”. Then you can chat and often this will lead to a meeting, and let’s face it, the primary objective is to partake in casual, consensual sex.
It’s a new era, something I doubt our grandparents could relate to or partake in – Forte Magazine caught up with a regular Tinder user who chose to remain anonymous. So let’s go inside the world of Tinder and you can hear, unfiltered and first hand, how it all works and what life is like as a Tinder user.
The first time we were supposed to chat, the conversation was stopped short, and I kid you not, it was because a sudden meet up had just taken place. Mr Tinder put out a line and a female Tinder user had agreed to come over to his house – two questions into the interview. Mr Tinder suddenly said whilst laughing and seeming distracted, “I can’t do this now, something has just come up, I gotta go. Maybe tomorrow?”
So finally, with the decks cleared 48 hours later, we were able to chat with Mr Tinder about his new found favourite past time …
Hi Mr T, tell us about when your life on Tinder started?
It was pretty much a rebound after breaking up with my now ex-girlfriend
How many times a week would you meet up with someone from Tinder?
It varies some weeks, it could be three or four. It would be about that per week on an average week I reckon.
Do you find that most of the girls you meet up with are up for a one night stand? Or do some want to be wined and dined?
It’s 50/50 really, the ones who want a one night stand still like to be wine and dined. I’m being boring aren’t I? Wined, dined and 69’d? Perhaps? (laughs)
Once you got involved in the world of Tinder were you surprised how many local woman were open to meeting up with random people?
At the start I thought the site was purely for sex with random people and I did get a lot of that no doubt, but as time went by I met more people who were interested in developing relationships. Yeah, I was surprised at how easy some girls would meet up without knowing anything about me, but after a while it sort of became normal, there’s no surprises anymore
Are there any awkward situations sometimes where you’re not feeling each other (literally) and you just decide to part ways without having sex?
There has been a few situations where I’ve met up with girls and they look nothing like their photos, or nothing what I expected from our chats, but nine times out of 10 the deed is still done (laughs).
Is your Tinder life something you keep private? Or is it something you will casually bring up at a dinner at your folks house?
Definitely not private, I sit around having a few beers with mates exchanging stories and I am happy to have a laugh with my oldies about it.
Where is the meeting place usually; her house, your house? A motor inn?
Haha there have been heaps of different meeting spots like pubs, bars, restaurants, her house, my house, the back of my car, whereever is suitable at that time.
Do you ever see people you know on tinder? Primary school friends? Ex teachers? Mates girlfriends? Do you swipe left in those instances? 
Yep, I see people I know all the time. I’ve never seen a mate’s girlfriend but have seen heaps of people I know and always swipe right haha.
Has your activity on Tinder changed the way you go out? Do you still go out to meet girls often? 
That’s a tough question. Tinder is almost like a virtual pub so I don’t feel the need to go out every weekend and meet girls anymore, happy to try my luck at home on the couch
When you do, is there something special about meeting a girl in the real world? Or you just don’t really care?
I must admit, It does feel like more of an accomplishment when you meet a girl in a real life situation.
Without going into gory details, would you like to share one of the stranger meet ups you have had?
(Laughs for a long time) I can’t, I’ll be found out by those who know my stories, though there have been a few interesting ones. You end up in some weird situations but narr I’ll keep them to myself for now.
If someone says, “I’m on Tinder but it’s not to hook up, it’s just like another Facebook” are they full of shit or not?
Absolutely full of it.
Ok Mr T thanks for taking the time to chat, we will leave you to swipe away, will you be meeting up with someone tonight?
No I had one Saturday, Sunday and last night so going to have a night off haha.
Thanks for your insight mate, keep swiping right.
No problems, glad I could help.