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Zechariah Walters is shopping with his wife in Melbourne as we begin to chat about Woodlock, who have spent the past four years becoming one of the most successful independent bands in Australia, selling in excess of 25,000 copies of their two EPs Lemons (2013) and Labour of Love (2014). Now in August 2015, the band has been named as headliners for the upcoming Birregurra Festival and Art Show on October 10 and 11.
“It’s been a crazy time man since when we started out playing music as a trio, we never expected it to blow up as big as we have,” Zech says.
“Throughout our music, we try to stay as true to ourselves as we can and I guess that’s what people like about our music. We have never really seen where we are going and it’s always just happened step by step and we are really enjoying the ride as it happens.”
On the verge of releasing their third EP entitled Sirens, the band is about to crank it up another notch. Stepping away from working with Wayne Connolly – who has worked with Australian luminaries such as Boy and Bear and The Paper Kites – Woodlock opted to work with Andy Mac who produced Winterbourne’s latest EP. The decision to work with Mac reignited a creative spark in the band which led to a different sound altogether from past releases.
Keeping quite tight lipped on the subject, Zech revealed that he is very excited to get out and play some shows with the new material, because it offers an energetic intensity to the live show that has previously been unseen.
“We went into the studio with Andy and had such a great time. We really connected with him and over time he became the fourth member of the band. Every EP that we have done has been different,” he says.
“This time around we went in with an idea of what we wanted but there was still quite a bit of artistic interpretation as well. These songs were influenced by life events rather than albums and artists on our iPods. I got married, we moved house, got new booking agents and managers and we are undergoing this huge amount of change. This EP is a huge coming of age for us I think.”
The band have taken quite a big step from playing in pubs in Yarrawonga to busking on Bourke Street, however Zech feels that Woodlock with this roll of the dice are giving us the best music that the band has created thus far.
“When we look back at what we have accomplished over the past couple of years, we are completely blown away. Even if we get to be as big as Coldplay and play big stadium shows, we will still busk in Bourke Street, because no matter how big you get, you can never forget your roots,” Zech says.
After 20 minutes of trying to get the illusive exclusive on the new sound, I tempt Zech with asking whether it sounds like a cross between The Paper Kites and Beyonce. “We have showed it to a few friends and they say that it’s very cinematic. I can’t wait to unleash it on the Birregurra festival so be sure to come down and see what we have been working so hard on,” he says.
When & Where: Birregurra Festival and Arts Show, Birregurra – October 11 & 12
Written by Tex Miller