This bakery in Ocean Grove is officially home to Australia’s Best Pie

This bakery in Ocean Grove is officially home to Australia’s Best Pie

Cure those iso blues with the best pie in the country.

In one of the most important events on the 2021 calendar; one that seeks to answer the burning question of ‘who is dishing up Australia’s best pie’.

That’s right, the Baking Association of Australia has held its annual competition in Sydney over the weekend, awarding of the much-coveted title of Australia’s Best Pie.

With 2031 entries from more than 300 Aussie bakeries across dozens of categories and three days of crucial taste testing, the judges declared Ocean Grove’s Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes the winner of the coveted prize with their Surf & Turf pie, which they introduced back in October last year.

The local bakery takes the title from reigning champion Country Cob bakery who has taken out the top spot in the competition for the last three years.

Located in Ocean Grove, with stores in Leopold and Queenscliff, the esteemed bakery reveals the winning pie is the combination of their award-winning chunky beef pie, with an added layer of prawns in rich garlic cream sauce. It’s a melting pot of prawny, garlicky, creamy goodness.

Going up against some of the best bakeries around the country, Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes also took out first place class prize in the Seafood Pie category, with medals awarded in the plain mince beef pie, chunky beef pie, poultry, gourmet, and flavoured beef pie categories.

This award follows the bakery’s recent win in the 31st The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition last year, where they also took out the title for Best Meat Pie in Australia.

Locals can indulge in the award-winning pie from Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes in Leopold, Ocean Grove and Queenscliff from 8:30am to 3pm during lockdown. Find out more info here.

You can check out the full list of BAA winners here.