There's an exclusive Champagne and caviar masterclass on this weekend

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There's an exclusive Champagne and caviar masterclass on this weekend

Feeling indulgent as we head into Spring?
Well now it the time to be with the exclusive Champagne and caviar masterclass coming up at Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne.
Luxe up your life this Saturday (20 October) with a two-hour class with Champagne and caviar canapes followed by a tasting of four caviars from some of the world’s leading producers, led by expert and Caviar Ambassador at Simon Johnson, Lisa Downs.
Rockpool sommeliers have paired each luxurious taste with the finest Champagnes, including Moët & Chandon, Ruinart, Veuve Cliquot and Dom Perignon.
Rockpool Bar & Grill Sommelier Beverage Director Jonathan Ross MS says Champagne and caviar are a perfect companions, and we aren’t here to argue.
“This paring has stood the test of time because it is one of the greatest examples of how two things that sit on the opposite ends of a spectrum can find perfect balance. If you look at it like a pendulum, it doesn’t get much more unctuous and salty than oily caviar. At the other end, Champagne is one of the most acidic and refreshing beverages one could find. It’s the breadth or the distance the pendulum swings between each of these items that makes the balance they find so attractive. The way they interact is so special, that one may never experience any type of palate fatigue from enjoying both.”
Well she’s convinced us! Now, who’s up for a day of indulging?
Bookings via 03 8648 1900 | [email protected]