Parma Bar has landed in Geelong

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Parma Bar has landed in Geelong

From the first time your mother told you to take your elbows off the table, to the first time you valued salad as an asset rather than a hindrance – the chicken parmigiana was an incessant exploration which rendered a menu useless.
A nascent archive was established and quickly enriched to the point where a fixture using colby rather than mozzarella or Bolognese rather than Napoli was continually flouted.
You’re an expert now and are quick to pounce on anything that falls short of the mark so standing here – proud as punch, with our hands on our hips – as we introduce you to Geelong’s very own Parma Bar.
Serving all things Parma (or Parmi which ever you feel is politically correct), this dedicated bar features a massive variety of parmi’s with 42 different toppings – yes 42! There’s everything from the traditional to even one with peanut butter and bacon.
It’s basically like a subway, but for parmi’s. The aim of the game is to choose your preferred base (chicken, veal, eggplant, pumpkin), then way its cooked (fried, baked, grilled), then pick from the list of 42 toppings, add a side (chips, salad, veg, slaw) and then top it off with dessert – stretchy clothing is recommended.
The grand opening kicks off tonight (Wednesday)at 5pm and we at Forte, feel like it’s going to be the beginning of something beautiful.
Parma Bar is located at 112 Pakington street, Geelong West. The venue is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11.30am-3pm and then 5pm until late.
Written by Chloe Cicero