There’s a Taylor Swift trivia night happening in Geelong this month

There’s a Taylor Swift trivia night happening in Geelong this month

Image by Beth Garrabrant

This event will prove whether you’re a Swifty or not.

With ballads about finding love, confessionals about losing love, telling her haters in the media and industry to shove off across country-tinged early albums, the glittering synth-pop ‘1989’ and the experimental sounds of ‘Reputation’, Taylor Swift has been an unwavering force within the music industry in the last decade-and-a-half. She’s undoubtedly one of the greatest pop stars in the world – and she’s got the fans, the discography and the awards to prove it.

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Taylor Swift is an artist who’s constantly reinvented her sound while maintaining the sheer songwriting talent and authenticity that has made her the star she is today. Not only a songwriting queen, the world has fallen in love with Tay for how she treats her fans, being unapologetically herself, her resilience and classiness, and how she speaks up for smaller artists in the industry, among many other things.

Now Geelong Swifty fans, Fall into your Wildest Dreams because a Taylor Swift trivia night is happening in Geelong this month on Thursday, June 30th at 6:30pm.

Taking to the very appropriately named Blank Space Cafe in Newtown (the local cafe bringing New York to Newtown), ‘Tay Tay Trivia’ is offering the perfect night to get together with fellow Swifties, indulge in some dinner, cocktails and take part in some friendly Taylor Trivia.

Hosted by Geelong-based intuitive reader, energy healer, life coach and meditation guide, champion of local brands and diverse representation and all-round boss babe Allira Potter – a proud Yorta Yorta woman you should very well be across now – you expect a bunch of questions about Miss American. And while everyone is aware of her prior relationships and disputes, only real Swifties are aware of her favorite number and the subject matter of each song – so if this is you, it’s your time to shine.

You can play in teams of up to six people, you get a drink on arrival (included with $25 ticket price) and there will be a range of prizes to win across the night.

It feels like a perfect night… you can purchase tickets here