The VANNS share what they’re looking forward to most in 2020

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The VANNS share what they’re looking forward to most in 2020

It has been an absolutely huge 12 months for THE VANNS. With the release of their debut album Through The Walls, the South Coast band firmly cemented their identity as one of Australia’s most formidable names on the indie rock circuit.

Now, with a new decade already kicking into gear, The VANNS are getting back out on the road this Autumn. To celebrate, the guys shared a few things they’re looking forward to this year!

1. Our Red Eye Tour: we’re going to cities we haven’t played in a long time so it’ll be good to get back to those cities with a whole albums’ worth of new material!
2. Touring Overseas: our only experience of playing shows internationally was a week in New Caledonia a couple of years ago, which was fun, but the further we fly to play a gig the more exciting it is to me… maybe we’ll do a gig on Mars once Elon sorts all the logistics out.
3. Conversely, not touring (to write): it’s hard to write on tour, I kind of like to be situated in one spot for a while to flesh out ideas, but touring is good to accumulate lots of voice memos and notes with lyrics in your iPhone to unpack at a later date.

1. Keen to get back into writing with the lads. Feels so good to have finally got our debut album out and I just want to keep the ball rolling with album after album.
2. Can’t wait for Party in the Paddock this February! It’s the last festival they’re putting on so it’s gonna be a big one + I love it down in Tassie.
3. When we head out around Australia for our March / April tour I think we might be driving one of the legs of the tour and it will most likely be in Cam’s transit van. It’s a ball getting around in that thing, mini hotel on wheels. The old girl has gotten us around the country quite a few times now, and she’s definitely got a few km’s left in her… Long live the trusty / slightly rusty Transit van.

1. Taking our music overseas and travelling around new places we haven’t experienced yet.
2. Getting back into the studio with the boys and working on another project together is something I’m really keen for. Recording new music and seeing where we can take that is really exciting!
3. Playing party in the paddock down in tassie and more festivals over the year.

1. Super keen to write the next album. The one thing I still haven’t experienced with the boys after joining is the writing process and im really excited to be apart of that!
2. PITP/Future festival slots – always loved attending festivals whether is was for a day or 3 as both Artist or Punter. Travelling around from paddock to paddock can be exhausting sometimes but it’s really easy with this group and im always laughing when we are playing festival gigs.
3. Road trips. Van trips amongst us are always interesting. Plus im a pretty anxious flyer. So getting in a van is always settling for me

The Vanns will perform at Howler in Melbourne on March 20.