Meet Mister Co: The powerhouse duo orchestrating love and music in Melbourne’s music scene

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Meet Mister Co: The powerhouse duo orchestrating love and music in Melbourne’s music scene

Words by Talia Rinaldo 

Weaving tales of love, passion, and musicality, the last few years have seen the meteoric rise of eclectic husband duo Mister Co.

Asserting their presence as a powerhouse deserving of our undivided attention, the duo – comprised of Connor and Oscar Absolum – stands at the forefront of Melbourne’s music scene, captivating audiences with their infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyrics.

Born out of a shared passion for music and a desire to chase their dreams together, Connor and Oscar’s journey is as captivating as their sound. Both hailing from Melbourne, they first crossed paths during their high school days, bonding over their love for music and performing arts. 

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“We actually met during our high school production of ‘Hairspray’. From high school, we studied audio production in university and continued performing in shows, bands and events across Melbourne,” reflects Connor Absolum. 

However, like many artists, their path was not without its challenges. After experiencing a period of burnout, the duo took a hiatus from music, stepping away from the spotlight to rediscover their passion and purpose. 

“We stopped music all together for four years,” Connor explains, “after we got married, we relit our passion for music and created Mister Co.

Fast forward to today, and Mister Co. is on the brink of something extraordinary, offering a genre-blended experience that combines Oscar’s influences from big bands and musical theatre with Connor’s passion for anthem rock, soul, and pop. 

With a string of successful releases under their belt, including the romantic ‘Tonight’, the flirty ‘Make You Feel Alright’, the electro-disco jam ‘Better Lives’ and the alt-rock number ‘Don’t Talk About It’, the duo has garnered well over 200,000 combined streams and earned acclaim from community radio stations like Joy FM. They recently took out first place at the Festival of Sails’ Emerging Arts stage and their music has even caught the attention of international audiences, with listeners tuning in from across the globe.

Husband duo Mister Co’s infectious ‘Make You Feel Alright’ is a flirty, funk-fuelled love song

But it’s not just their impressive accolades that set Mister Co. apart; it’s their authenticity and raw talent that truly shine through in every note they play. Whether it’s Connor’s soulful vocals or Oscar’s intricate musicianship, there’s an undeniable chemistry between them that elevates their music to new heights.

Already this year the duo have released two singles with RnB-pop track ‘Down Low’, featuring a collaboration with Melbourne-based artist Katherine, and ‘On This Journey’, the title track of their upcoming, highly-anticipated debut album. 

With a captivating blend of pop, ballad, and folk elements, the single ‘On This Journey’ transports listeners on a sonic voyage, guided by the ethereal vocals of Ambraya. Her contribution adds a theatrical dimension to the song, evoking the grandeur of a Broadway stage production while retaining the intimacy of a heartfelt ballad.

“The title track ‘On This Journey’ is the final piece of the puzzle, a song that purely reflects the last 10 years together which is the concept of the album,” Connor explains. “Our favourite lyrics from the song are ‘warm like whiskey, with a glass of wine. Aged so fine’.” 

It’s the perfect prelude to what listeners can expect the the debut album, On This Journey Vol 1, which is due for release on 4 May. 

The album, recorded entirely in their home studio, promises to be a true reflection of their artistry, blending soulful vocals, modern-pop sensibilities, and heartfelt storytelling into a cohesive musical narrative. It will feature their previously released singles in a collection of songs that narrate their path from high school to the stage, culminating in their union as husbands.

“Whenever we had an idea, we would go straight in the studio and start developing it into a vibe and then into a song,” he shares. “The album is a 50/50 collaboration between us both, we threw the rule book out and wrote what felt right and really told our story, which resulted in a genre-fluid album!” 

And what better way to celebrate their journey than with a debut headline show and album launch at The Night Cat on May 10th? Backed by a 13-piece band, Mister Co. will take the stage to perform tracks from their album, alongside select covers that have influenced their musical journey.

“This show is going to be epic. The show will reimagine all 10 tracks from the album with a few covers of songs that have heavily influenced us. We are giving this show everything we have and will be an example of what we are capable of, and what a place to perform at, the iconic The Night Cat.” 

For Connor and Oscar, the stage is where they truly come alive, where their music takes on a life of its own and their passion shines brightest. It’s a chance to connect with their audience, to share their stories, and to inspire others to chase their dreams, no matter the odds.

So, as they continue to carve out their place in Melbourne’s vibrant music scene, one thing is clear: Mister Co. is a duo on the rise, destined for greatness. With their talent, passion, and unwavering dedication, there’s no telling how far they’ll go. And for music lovers everywhere, that’s something worth celebrating.

See Mister Co. for the On This Journey Album Launch & Debut Headline Show at The Night Cat at 6:30 pm, Fri 10 May, 2024. Get tickets here