Husband duo Mister Co’s infectious ‘Make You Feel Alright’ is a flirty, funk-fuelled love song

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Husband duo Mister Co’s infectious ‘Make You Feel Alright’ is a flirty, funk-fuelled love song

Equal parts fun and intimate, Mister Co’s ‘Make You Feel Alright’ is an upbeat, funky slice of passion. 

Off the back of their entirely romantic debut single, eclectic husband duo Mister Co has asserted their presence as a powerhouse deserving of our undivided attention with their next feel-good love track. 

Released on 28 April, ‘Make You Feel Alright’ is the infectious second single from Mister Co. 

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The joint project of two passionate musicians and producers Connor and Oscar Absolum, Mister Co debuted just last year, treating the world with the intoxicatingly romantic single ‘Tonight’. 

Surpassing 45,000 streams in under two months of release, the debut single laid a firm foundation for the duo’s genre-blended sound and style, bringing Oscar’s big band and musical theatre influences together with Connor’s love of anthem rock, soul and pop, but it’s on this follow-up that Mister Co’s talents as a songwriter, vocalist and producer all shine their brightest. 

From start to finish of the three-minute and 44-second track, ‘Make You Feel Alright’ proves an irresistibly radiant listening experience, surging with bold and bright retro, blues and soul influences. 

The soulful and full-bodied harmonies set the tone, with the duo’s golden voices soaring sweetly over a tapestry of big drums, big horns, a groovy bass line and a memorable simple chorus melody.

Channelling the ecstasy of love and all it encompasses into a sweet, seductive sound, ‘Make You Feel Alright’ is a funky and slick, strikingly stunning throwback to the cinematic funk, soul and pop of the ’60s and ’70s, with an irresistible breakdown and some classic sounding brass sections that feel like a fresh take on the sounds of the yesteryear. It’s a groovy track that immediately gets stuck in your head and doesn’t come out easily. 

Mister Co’s funky and flirty sophomore single was spawned in the throes of Melbourne’s lockdown as an attempt to lift each other up and bring each other joy.

“After staring at the walls for months in lockdown we both felt incredibly deflated and down in the dumps,” Mister Co explains. 

“Before this, we both have actually never written a song together before, so we set out to write a feel-good masterpiece to lift each other up. We wanted to draw upon our desire to keep each other satisfied being a very private couple we wanted to write a behind-the-doors kind of flirt, to showcase that cheeky element of us.”


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While the pair have worked on countless musical projects with various artists both on stage and in the studio,  ‘Make You Feel Alright’ stands as an incredibly impressive debut in regards to the writing, with the duo breaking out of the all-too-relatable funk that came hand-in-hand with the lockdown. The result is a rom-com-worthy, flirty tune in which the Absolum’s emotions are at an all-time high: they are completely in love.

“When writing music we both bounce ideas off each other to create a vibe, to give you a sense of how we started our file name for the vibe was ‘This is a sexy song’!” 

“Oscar being the multi-instrumentalists will then keep building the music bed until we feel we have captured the sound we are going for. Then the keys are handed over to Connor to come in and lay out the arrangement and add the “epic” moments like the breakdown in this track.”

Destined to become a go-to addition to romantic dinner or ‘bedtime’ playlists over the next few years, lyrically the song follows the simple desire to bring your partner satisfaction, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

In a straightforward nature, Mister Co sings,

‘I don’t wanna talk about it, I just wanna ride upon it

I don’t wanna think about it, I just wanna make you feel right

I wanna go down on you right, I wanna keep you feelin nice,

Touchin your body alright, I wanna feel you tonight.’

‘Make You Feel Alright’ was once again co-produced by Dominik Harold from Protonaut Studios and is set to appear on the pair’s debut album which is due for release in October. Titled ‘On This Journey,’ the album features a collection of stories about their journey together from high school to the stage to their union as husbands.

Here Mister Co brings out some of their sound’s most seductive elements. It’s the perfect follow-up to their debut single and a stunning representation of this standout duo, their exceptional music, and their unique artistry, drawing on the pair’s musical inspirations and their love for each other. 

While this is only the beginning, with two singles Mister Co has already set themselves apart from their peers as a need-to-know outfit to watch.

‘Make You Feel Alright’ from Mister Co is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Check it out here