The Vainz are a new alt-rock band gearing up for their debut album

The Vainz are a new alt-rock band gearing up for their debut album

Words by Keegan Bennett

The band combines early 2000's riffage with soaring choruses and dark melodies.

The Vainz are a new alt-rock band all hailing from Geelong, save for Tristan Maher, the vocalist. They’ve dropped off two tracks over the last two months, the first two singles off their debut record, due out early 2021.

The first track, titled ‘Evolution’, is a heavy, brooding ode to early 2000’s rock tunes, with an instrumental that sounds plucked from a Rise Against record and vocal work from Maher that sounds eerily similar to that of Dave Grohl, this is a love letter to the stadium rock resurgence of the time.

The second track, ‘Slither’, sets out to explore a different part of early 2000’s rock music. The track presents a darker, heavier instrumental than the first track, with an opening lick that is oh-so reminiscent of Killswitch Engage and other fledgling metalcore bands, combined with lyrics singing of “godless creations” among other things, these lines would find themselves at home in any number of metalcore heavyweight’s back catalogues. Maher’s vocal work is backed up by a soaring ‘woah-oh’ over the choruses, when listening, one can’t help but think what this would sound like live.


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These tracks are certainly a sign of good things to come, particularly the darker, more melodic style present on ‘Slither’, if anything needs a resurgence in the 20’s its early metalcore. With tight, well-sounding production work from another local legend Isaac Barter, who has worked across every genre imaginable, the forthcoming record should have a distinct sound that makes it pop.

Check out The Vainz’ Facebook here, and listen to the first two singles from their forthcoming record here.