The team behind Beyond The Valley have created Victoria’s first drive-in live concert venue

The team behind Beyond The Valley have created Victoria’s first drive-in live concert venue

While we have accepted the fact that we won’t be hitting the mosh for a circle pit any time soon, at least not in Victoria, it looks like we’ll be able to indulge in a hint of live music with recent rise in ‘drive-in’ concerts, where patrons essentially enjoy gigs from the comfort and safety of their own car with audio usually being broadcasted by an FM radio signal.

Following the success of these events in Germany and the US, Australia trialled its first socially distant and COVID-19 safe concert taking place in Sydney last month thanks to the team at Drive In Australia.

Now, the Untitled Group – the team behind Beyond The Valley, Ability Fest, Grapevine Gathering, Wildlands & more – have just announced the launch of Victoria’s first drive-in live concert venue.

Located within the lush bowling lanes at Flemington Racecourse, ‘The-Drive-In’ will hold true to a traditional concert experience with the same calibre of production that you’d expect from any major music event, with the aims to reignite Victoria’s hurting live arts industry which was brought to a complete halt once COVID-19 restrictions came into effect.

Featuring a raised stage and large viewing screens with parking grids designed for optimal site linees, the pop up precinct is scheduled to host some of Australia’s best musical talent each weekend, with the first month of music programming will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday 16 June) which will include 12 large scale concert events, each of which will create over 200 jobs within the sector.

If the Untitled Group’s past festival lineups are anything to go by, we’re betting The Drive-In is going to bring live music back to Victoria with a bang.

There will also be an extended movie and comedy night programme announced.

The entire site being accessible for people of all levels of ability with complimentary tickets being allocated to the Dylan Alcott Foundation to distribute to those with disabilities.

Rest assured music lovers, shows will have a strict limited capacity and appropriate procedures and social distancing measures will be put in place for everyone to enjoy the show safely.

Visit the website to find all the latest information, or keep up with the deets via Facebook.