The Stained Daisies unleash perfectly chaotic, funk-rock filled EP ‘Jazz Club’

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The Stained Daisies unleash perfectly chaotic, funk-rock filled EP ‘Jazz Club’

The Stained Daisies will launch their new EP at The Tote on Friday May 28.

Hot on the heels of their debut LP I Love You So Muchreleased late last year, Melbourne/Naarm-based rockers The Stained Daisies’ new six-track EP, Jazz Club, is here.

Written and recorded in the band’s home studio during last year’s lockdowns, the erratic energy, unpredictable melodic twists, and shifting moods displayed across the EP mimic the environment in which it was conceived.

A concoction of echoic harmonies, dirty riffs, and fluctuating time signatures, Jazz Club jumps between playful pop moments and cacophonic chaos, ensuring you’re never sure what’s around the next corner.

Opener ‘I Like It’ sets the pace from the get-go, racing right in with a fast-paced melody that builds and builds in intensity before dissipating into momentary reprieve.

It’s followed by title track, ‘Jazz Club’, bringing a tinge of alt-country as it jolts between vocalist Jayden Hebbard’s bellowing baritone and jangling keys.

‘Right or Wrong’ comes crashing down with screeching guitars, emphatic percussion, and an all-out sense of disorder before ‘Time Away’ brings Jazz Club back from the brink, pitting a repetitive, harmonised chorus against a shimmering soundscape.

The penultimate ‘Pocket Dials’ sees the piano take the lead as bassist, pianist and vocalist Jack Davison croons about the throes of lockdown.

Closing with ‘How It Was’, Jazz Club brings everything it’s got in one big track which surveys a spectrum of moods ranging from raucous rock’n’roll to floating psychedelia.

Chaotic yet cohesive, the EP showcases The Stained Daisies’ boundless creativity and their penchant for experimentation as the band push themselves beyond their limits.

Listen to Jazz Club below. 

The Stained Daisies will launch Jazz Club at The Tote on Friday May 28. Grab tickets and find out more here