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The Sporting Globe

It was five and a half years ago when James Sinclair and Brad Harris first opened The Sporting Globe and what would soon become a well-known and loved brand across Geelong and Melbourne.
“Thinking back to those early days when we bought the first venue it was really head down bum up. It had been a failed business so we were really working hard to build some customer loyalty and have people trust in our brand as a place to dine,” James says.
“Initially we were just hoping we could deliver on that and make that venue really good. It wasn’t until we were about a year in that we came up for air and thought, ‘Wow, the business is actually doing really well’.”
The Geelong venue was recently closed for renovations – much to the dismay of regulars – and opened again in March with a fresh new look and streamlined processing.
“Since it’s reopened it’s been trading really strongly. I think the changes we’ve made, particularly in the kitchen and with cooking times are much better – which is fantastic and that was a big part of our renovation to improve and streamline our kitchen design,” he says.
“The booths have always been highly in demand for our product and now there are more booths and our proprietary booth TV screen technology – which is touch screen sports entertainment at your fingertips with the ability to split to up to four screens and watch different content on each of those.”
Over the years, and with their growing business expertise, each renovation has become better than the last. This time around the TV additions – which were inspired from those they saw at the MGM Grand Hotel – red leather booths and various sport related prints and murals have created a unique sports venue suitable for friends, family and a good time.
“It’s been an evolution of different renovations that each time we do one we’re getting better at it and the product is improving. If we had the money five and a half years ago I don’t think we would have been able to deliver the same product just from that knowledge,” James says.
A feature in the beer garden is the large wall mural of Cadel Evans painted by artist Sabine Kahwati. “We’re really proud with the Cadel Evans mural we had hand painted by Sabine in the beer garden – which was a concept that came from our marketing guys,” he says.
“The job she did down there was better than I ever expected so I’m really delighted with it. My life is made easier with all of the team to effectively agree and I just sign off on it all at the end.”
Having a nice looking venue certainly draws a crowd, but what keeps it is your attention to each customer that sets foot within the venue – a factor James is well aware of.
“Number one first and foremost is always about the customer. You can have the fanciest screens and technology in the world, but if our service isn’t A1 then and we’re not focused on our customer needs and the food quality isn’t exceptional then unfortunately your fit out isn’t enough,” he says.
Also a fan of football, chances are you’ll see James at the venue enjoying in some of the classic Australian and American dishes while watching the game on his private TV at the booth. With various parmis, burgers and main meals, there’s plenty to head to the Sporting Globe for – whether you’re a sports fan or not.
Where: 175 Ryrie Street, Geelong
When: Mon-Wed 11.30am-10.30pm; Thu-Sat 11.30am-1am; Sun 11.30am-10.30pm
Written by Amanda Sherring