When a Plan Comes Together

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When a Plan Comes Together

There are plenty more good times to be had with The Getaway Plan in 2015, the best of which is sure to be the release of their third album, Dark Horses. Towards the end of last month the band finally gave us a release date for what is their first album to be written and recorded in Australia – and that date is July 3. The album was given a helping hand by a successful PledgeMusic campaign. From the band: “After 10 years of funding and putting out releases with the help of record labels, we have decided to avoid that route and take the plunge to create and release our third LP, Dark Horses, completely independently … This is an exciting move for us. We see pledging as a way of the future for all artists, of all kinds. It’s a perfect way in which we are able to cut out the unnecessary middle-men in the industry and give power back to the people (you!). We can’t tell you what our new album is going to sound like. We can tell you that we have put more blood/sweat/tears in to these songs than anything we’ve written before and we are absolutely busting to share them.” Werribee Plaza Hotel, Werribee – October 29 & The Workers Club, Geelong – October 31. [photo: Tim O’Keefe]