The Sequels: I’m A Vampire (But Nobody Believes Me)

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The Sequels: I’m A Vampire (But Nobody Believes Me)

Channelling a Strokes/Arctic Monkeys vibe, The Sequels first EP delivers four melodic indie-rock numbers that’ll be sure to get you boogieing, or as the song suggests, getting up to ‘Dance Floor Shenanigans.’
‘Cyclone’ kicks things off with new age Britpop-esque riffs and honest lyrics from Cohen Johnstons’ such as, “I just think I care too much, about not giving a fuck,” before leading into the slightly more sleazy sounding ‘The One About The Dancing Girl.’
‘Cut Me Out’ adds a bit of punch with its impressive bass-lines before ‘Dance Floor Shenanigans’ wraps things up with its harder/faster approach. I’m A Vampire (But Nobody Believes Me) is a damn good EP; the songs are good, as is the recording.
Although, at times I felt as if the bands influences may have been a slight bit too prevalent, as previously mentioned with references to The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for most punters, most people like familiarity, but, for me I find it slightly distracting to listen to a band and draw similarities to other acts.
That being said, it’s a great first effort and I’m keen to keep an eye on what they bring out in future!
Reviewed by Alex Callan