The Popped Barometer! What’s HOT and What’s TOTALLY not!

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The Popped Barometer! What’s HOT and What’s TOTALLY not!


Drake, Hotline Bling.

Easily the song and video of the year. Not to mention dance. Will we see this being done at weddings in years to come? I hope so!

The rebirth of Selena Gomez.

From squeaky clean Disney star to sultry chanteuse in under a year. More please!
New SIA and Charli XCX material.

Holy crap, it’s going to be a cracking good year for music. Quality guaranteed.

Real Housewives: Atlanta.

Must-see TV! Hotlanta (AKA black Hollywood) has never been so hot. And cool. Just watch it!



Our first year without it. Last year featured Drake, Avicii, Afrojack and The Prodigy. This year, nothing.

Diva decline.

Is it just me, or are Delta Goodrem and Mariah Carey losing their voices? Babs and Celine can sleep easy at night.

Azealia Banks.

Arrested in New York City last month for biting a female bouncer on the boob. Not even kidding. Plot: lost.


Still dominating the toy and merch market over Christmas. Kids, move on. At this rate, you won’t be over it until…the sequel arrives!