The Peep Tempel: Joy

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The Peep Tempel: Joy

Following on from the band’s sophomore release, which was described as a near-perfect punk record, can be a difficult task. Hell, it’s not one I’d like to take on. The album also took a brutal look at contemporary suburban Australia and this follow up delves into human thought and its many swirling, confusing tendencies.

‘Kalgoorlie’ is a circulating, manic track that sucks you into the song like a vortex. It’s gritty, the vocals are raw and its an insight into the mind that leaves you thinking and questioning your own. At times (due to the slurring nature) the lyrics are difficult to hear and it adds to unease the song sets up. The rest of the release follows suit to this concept, with screaming guitar, pointed lyrics and a very harrowing sense of hysteria littering the lyrics (singing of marriage issues, marrow and dead bodies is just a sample).

Look out for ‘We You Forgot’, ‘Rayguns’ and ‘Alexander’ as highlights. The guitar riff in the latter is something particularly special. It’s a release that will not only have you questioning your own mind but what other concept albums have achieved.

Wing Sing
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot
**** stars