Oxygen Music Guitar Effects Pedal Expo

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Oxygen Music Guitar Effects Pedal Expo

So, if you’re a guitarist and you’re really getting into your craft, the next step for most players is developing your own unique sound. Likewise, if you’re a guitarist playing in a cover band, it’s equally important to be able to recreate the guitar sounds of your favorite bands and guitarists.

For serious studio guitarists having a selection of guitar effects is the heart of their set up and offers limitless creativity when developing your tone.

Guitar effects can range from simple reverbs, delays and distortions, modulation pedals like chorus, phaser and wah effects to a bunch of tone control pedals such as compressors, equalizers and noise gates that polish up your sound. Multi effects pedal boards and high end guitar processors such as the Line6 Helix can offer guitarists a massive range of effects, amp/cabinet simulations and applications in one unit for studio and stage use with the ability to replicate some very unique artist tones and guitar rig set ups.

Choosing the right type of guitar effects pedal can be as simple as knowing what your guitar heroes are using or reading up on the specs and reviews of various brands, BUT nothing beats trying them out and allowing your ears to tell you what is the right sound for you.

You may be surprised that just one or two pedals could be enough to achieve your desired tone by combining them and adjusting the settings in a certain way. You may also be amazed by the quality of tone and features produced by some of the cheaper brands or by the infinite possibilities of some effects processors. We are here to help and make buying a guitar effects pedal easy.

Oxygen Music are proud to present an exclusive Guitar Effects Pedal Expo where you can try out all the major effects pedals brands, see demos, speak to product brand specialists and learn more about the huge variety of pedals on offer. The latest pedals and all the favorite classics will all be on show ready for you to test out.

You are welcome to bring your own guitar if you like!
So if you’re looking to develop your sound, wanting something new to add to your pedal board or just want to know more about guitar effects, you cannot miss this Effects Pedal Expo.

When: Saturday 22nd October, 10am-4pm (FREE)
Where: Oxygen College (Art Gallery Room), 23 Gordon Ave, Geelong West

More Info: Call 03-5223 1724 or email [email protected]