The Night Vibe #621

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The Night Vibe #621

Most people when their favourite band of all time breaks up, close themselves off in a room and sit and cry for days and days on end. When you think about it, The Beatles are a massive case in point and although I was not alive in 1970, everybody would have mourned it like the Queen had just died. There has been news since the last issue of Forte went to print that 1D, or One Direction as it is alternatively known, are breaking up. Sad, I know right?
Although that said, I think that if you are reading quite a sophisticated music publication like Forte, I guess you really don’t give a damn. I think that right from the get go, I should probably admit at this stage of the game that I was watching an American morning news show early one morning the other week (similar to Sunrise) and saw 1D play at Central Park in New York. Maybe it was the lack of sleep from the night before or just a guilty pleasure slipping through, but their performance was okay. Yes, thousands of die hard fans had camped out in the cold and rain for two days to get tickets and a position right up the front, but for them it definitely would have been worth it.
Although the majority of their performance is up to their backing band, a phenomenal outfit of session players that we will probably never get to know or see again (unless they go on tour with Backstreet Boys or NSYNC or something), they have a dynamic that just fits the mould. Their record sales statistics are crazy to look at and I guess, more so than anything, their success is down to being in the right place at the right time.
What will the Directioners (I think that is their correct name) do now that their favourite band of all time is breaking up? Although that’s not really the truth, they are going to pursue solo careers that will probably be less successful, however be forever branded as that guy that was in One Direction once upon a time.
To be completely frank with you, I felt exactly the same way when Oasis split in 2009. It was the year that I turned 18 and was finally able to afford to go and see them. There was quite a rumour around the music scene that they would be touring here in May 2010. One night in August however, a massive argument on stage at Rock en Seine in Paris led to the demise.
Living in Australia, like everything that is wrong with living in the Southern Hemisphere, the news broke on Facebook the next day. For a moment, and I’m sure this is exactly how the Directioners feel, I couldn’t believe the news. It was like really, has this really happened? For quite a while I decided to learn all of their songs to keep their spirit alive in me, however there is probably good news for 1D Fans.
When you think about it, in 10 years time 1D will probably get back together to do a massive world tour. They will make so much money from merchandising and other facets of touring, they will never have to do another thing in their life to earn a crust. Fingers are crossed for me, because Noel Gallagher all around chief arse but amazingly talented songwriter is supposedly touring around Australia next year on his world tour.
Nothing in music is forever and bands seem to break up all the time. Who knows whether they will get back together and tour around but hey, look at Lifehouse, one song and they are coming out in October. So I guess that means that there is hope for us all yet.
Written by Tex Miller