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It seems to be that everywhere you look, the media is always there. It’s funny to think about how immediate news is in 2016. From your smartphone to your Apple watch and your iPad to your app refreshes, it’s no secret old media is on the decline. As we move further with technological advancements, it’s getting harder and harder to see an importance for physical papers and “old” media. So then, that offers the argument of where does that leave the street press magazines of the world? In a previous time yes, before being able to get your news fix straight away, you went to the publications to find out about the latest album by Powderfinger and where they were touring, but how important is it in this day and age?

Call me old fashioned but I still like the physical thing on my lap. I do own an iPad and an iPhone and I have all of the important news and music apps bookmarked on each device. But there is something about the ink on the page and the smell of a freshly printed magazine that you just don’t get with this day and age. There has been considerable talk over the past few years about newspapers (primarily) owned by Rupert Murdoch moving online and charging a membership fee. I think no matter what, where the world develops to today, there will always be a physical magazine on the street providing the latest news on local bands and who to get around before they hit the big time.

There are many different facets to the argument and the same could probably be said for community radio, yet I think it is really one in the same. When you stop and think about it, and I mean really think. Switch off from the technological age and have a look at what’s shaking in the world. From going down to your local bar or music venue, you are always going to find some great music no matter what. Sure, the breaking news may be a little old by the time you get the new issue, being able to physically look, read and turn the pages and indulge in reviews and all different content facets is something new media technologies will never be able to take away.

Thinking ahead to where it will develop into the future is somewhat of a scary thought. Facebook the other day took things to the next level with developing its site by creating sub categories for things that you follow. Yes, it may be better having all your funny animal videos in one place, but was it really necessary? If anything it may slow down the time it takes to access information and make people turn back to reading books and indulging in the simpler things in life. It’s an argument that really has been said before. I don’t think that street press will ever die.

Sadly, this is the last Night Vibe column ever, and I would like to take this time to thank all of the faithful readers of the column over the past year and a half. It’s been a whirlwind ride that has seen me report from the musical city streets of Austin and present some interesting musical perspectives including that one time a Violent Soho member had to take a job at McDonalds to supplement their income from playing in one of the country’s most loved rock bands. For my predictions of albums of the year, Austin rockers White Denim are front runners with Stiff, Dustin Tebbutt is set to release a cracker in First Light and John Mayer,
that guy that no one really likes, is set to return with a bluesy disc including his trio.

For all future news and columns don’t forget to hit up The Night Vibe Au on Facebook and head to for colourful and engaging interviews, and everything else you’ve come to expect from music blogs on the interwebs! It’s been a blast, cheers for now!

Written by Tex Miller