The Run: Self-titled EP

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The Run: Self-titled EP

Local lads The Run have just come home after a whirlwind trip to Germany to compete in the Global Battle of the Bands. Relatively new on the scene it was a massive step for the band, and listening to their newest EP, it actually becomes pretty clear the talent the trio have.

Starting off with ‘Beside Me’ the vocals are warm and welcoming and the guitar riff underpinning the track builds the excitement for what’s to come, and for a release that marks an exciting time for the band as a whole. Heartfelt lyrics come with tracks ‘Empty Atmosphere’ and ‘Sorry’, the latter of which is a highlight for the EP. Also, pay particular attention to the killer beat on ‘Goosechaser’.

At times the vocals may slightly miss the mark, but given this is the first offering from a band finding their footing, and without a massive recording studio behind the release, it’s incredible to see the quality of what’s on offer. These guys are definitely ones you need to follow, asap, as I’m willing to wager they’ll be a big thing in no time.

Out independently
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh