The New Superfood…

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The New Superfood…

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Hey Foodies!

This year is almost over, only a few rad issues to come and then hello 2018! This month I thought I would chat about a brand new Australian business changing the way we eat…. and yes I say changing the way we eat because I never would of thought we could eat this – until now!

Australian Primary Hemp. Yes I know what you’re thinking, but seriously the range of products the team have created are beyond amazing. I touched base with the team to talk all things Hemp!

Australian Primary Hemp started in the western district of Victoria with four incredible humans coming together to create some waves around the production of hemp. Since the foursome joined forces, they have produced two incredible product lines – one being a protein and the other an oil which is jam packed with goodness and nutrition. The team are also backed by an array of hemp helpers to help grow the already rising business.

Australian Primary Hemp believe in creating a sustainable future in farming by using validated growing methods to preserve and enhance the environment. The product is grown at there farm which is located in Derrinallum.

I asked the team the benefits of hemp as I myself wanted to know all about this versatile plant. Apparently this plant has over 65,000 uses, some of these include clothing, paper, cosmetics, canvas, rope, cement and even medical purposes.

Australian Primary Hemp utilise the plant by turning the seeds into a consumable product which has
the benefits of great dietary fibre for your digestive system and is jam packed with good vitamins and minerals the benefits are endless.

The future looks bright for Aus Primary Hemp, but for now they will continue to educate consumers
and promote the amazing products they have. Next year they aim to bring out more of a range, including hemp seed and a hemp flour.

We thought we would share a recent colab we did with these guys, and by colab I mean a delicious recipe using there hemp products. Check the Australian Primary Hemp social media handles below and their website where you can purchase products.

Instagram: @ausprimaryhemp

Hemp Pesto

2 cups of fresh basil
1/2 cup of fresh spinach leaves
1/2 garlic clove
1 cup hemp oil
Squeeze of half lemon juice
1/4 hemp seeds
1 tablespoon of protein powder
Dash of salt

hemp pest