The Murlocs: Loopholes

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The Murlocs: Loopholes

After three years with several delays, the boys from The Murlocs have released their much-awaited debut, Loopholes.
At four-and-a-half minutes, ‘Control Freak’ eases you into the unique sound that is The Murlocs. With country twangs, garage rock and their own brand of soulful RnB, it’s hard to pin them to a genre. Coming from the Surf Coast of Victoria, it makes their style a little bit more understandable.
Part of The Murlocs’ appeal is lead singer Ambrose Kenny-Smith’s unique high-pitched voice. ‘Paranoid Joy’ plays on this perfectly. His vocals are the standout, with the guitar and drums harmonising them to a T.
‘Rattle the Chain’ is a unique track, even for The Murlocs. The heading suggests it but it has that old county jail feel to it. Ambrose moans and howls throughout this track, with the harmonica matching his lyrics word by word. Essentially the album follows the same mixture of harmonica, jangly guitars and screechy vocals, but that’s because it works and is by no means repetitive.
A few slower tracks are thrown into the mix: ‘Evolve and Absorb’ and ‘Serial Imposter’, and aside from the already hit single, ‘Space Cadet’, ‘Lonely Clown’ is a highlight. With its dreamy, rose-tinted glasses feel it’s an easy listen.
Loopholes closes with the impressive title track. This time around the harmonica isn’t the main drawcard; instead, warbling guitar, a steady drumbeat and Ambrose’s vocals are on show.
Even after their laptop was stolen, with three quarters of the initial recordings, The Murlocs have made a killer debut release.
Release: Out now via Flightless