Saskwatch: Nose Dive

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Saskwatch: Nose Dive

It feels like ages since we heard Saskwatch’s 2012 debut Leave it All Behind, but luckily their sophomore has finally arrived and is well worth the wait. After a couple years’ break, the band has had time to fine-tune their style in their new release, Nose Dive. This time around they’ve stepped away from the ‘soul band’ tag and have experimented with a bit of rock and funk.
It wouldn’t be a Saskwatch album without their well-known dance anthems, and they’ve delivered that with ‘Hands’ and ‘Give Me a Reason’. Both songs are equally danceable, but ‘Hands’ seems to have won audiences over with several plays online and on triple j.
Trumpet and saxophone are still features throughout the album but there are a few tracks where they’ve taken a backseat and let other elements stand out. ‘Left Me to Die’ is a clear example of this. The guitar and haunting vocals work perfectly together to create a darker – and unfamiliar – sound for the band.
‘A Love Devine’ seamlessly pair punchy vocals and guitar to create a match made in heaven. Nkechi Anele’s vocals tease listeners as she sways between emotions and intensity. Her vocals come in almost like a kick to the gut, but a whole lot more pleasant. This is by far a standout of the album and a newer sound for the band, with its bluesy rock feel.
Nose Dive manages to inject Saskwatch’s newer sound while still maintaining the crowd favourites. This is definitely worth a listen for its faultless vocals and ability to make brass instruments just about the coolest thing ever.
Release: out now via Northside Records
Writen by Amanda Sherring