The Midnight Oil Show

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The Midnight Oil Show

Midnight Oil are said to be more than just a rock ‘n’ roll band. From the northern beaches of Sydney to the streets of Manhattan, they’ve stopped traffic, inflamed passions, inspired fans, challenged the concepts of “business as usual” and broken new ground.

To see Midnight Oil in full flight was to experience the full visceral, transcendent, kinetic power of live rock’n’roll. To experience Midnight Oil was to be inspired by ideas, to be encouraged to live life more passionately and to get involved in the world around you.

Everything about the band is uncompromising, but their greatest achievement is that they are, night after night and album after album, a great rock ‘n’ roll band. For all of the incredible growth, ambition and experimentation that Midnight Oil have shown, the sound and the fury and the spirit of their earliest recordings are still there 40 years later, on tracks like “White Skin Black Heart” and “Say Your Prayers”.

It is all these things that will be celebrated next month, as Geelong’s Sphinx Hotel shares The Oils with a new generation, celebrating the music, the influences and the artistry of the band.

Midnight Oil is still more than just a rock ‘n’ roll band and in 2017, the Sphinx will bring things back to where they all began with this show.

When & Where: The Sphinx Hotel, Geelong – August 19.
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