The Meredith Music Festival ballot is officially open for 2022

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The Meredith Music Festival ballot is officially open for 2022

Photo: Steve Benn

Held at the famous ‘Supernatural Amphitheatre’, Meredith Music Festival's ballot is now open.

One of Victoria’s most prized music events, Meredith Music Festival’s 30th anniversary, is slowly creeping up and you can start getting excited because they’ve gone ahead and opened the ticket ballot.

Announcing its return back in May following a two-year hiatus, Meredith Music Festival – often referred to as the greatest festival on the planet – is heading back to the Supernatural Amphitheatre in Meredith this December 9-11 2022 and the ballot is your best way to secure your spot in The Sup’.

The key takeaways

  • Meredith Music Festival Ballot is now open
  • There is only one type of ticket available, which gets you in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • The festival will be held this year on December 9, 10 & 11

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As is usual, the great majority of tickets to Meredith will be available via the Subscriber Ticket Ballot, before they go on public sale.

If you were already a ticket subscriber, good news: you get to enter the first round of the ballot. If you haven’t yet subscribed, there’s still a chance to do so in order to enter the second round.

Two rounds of ticket offers are made via email to successful applicants; one around mid-August, and then another a week later. Any Subscribers who are unsuccessful in the first round are automatically entered into the second round ballot. It’s simpler than it sounds, just pick a link above and go for it. It’s free and easy and quick.

Following two ballot rounds, keen punters still have to chance to buy tickets through the online sales and Aunty’s Last Chance, but let’s be real: you’d be a fool not to enter the ballot.

Tickets will be in the form of wristbands again this year and there is only one type of ticket available, which gets you in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Which means everyone can come for the full weekend.

No details have been revealed as of yet about who’s on the bill but Aunty Meredith promises a “vast, nebulous, cathartic, three-day-two-night odyssey supreme, with a beginning, middle and end in which you lose yourself, find yourself, expand yourself and feel feel feel feel feel fully, completely anything, everything, something”.

The last Meredith lineup in 2019 featured the immeasurable talent of Liam Gallagher, Amyl and The Sniffers, Róisín Murphy, Helena Hauff, Briggs, Julia Jacklin, U-Bahn, Christine Anu and more, so no doubt this year will be just as electrifying if not more.

Meredith Music Festival 2019

As for what else to expect, for the 30th year punters will reconvene for three days, two nights in four-dimensional grand union, with friends old and new. A mark in time, under wide open skies, and your usual lantern.

Featuring a single stage, free range camping, BYO, and no commercial messages, Meredith is and always will be a festival like other.

Meredith started as an end-of-year party in 1991 ($2 notes were in circulation, Bob Hawke was PM) for about 200 people on the Nolan farm near Meredith, Victoria. It was only cheekily called the ‘Meredith Music Festival’ because there were some bands playing on the back of a truck. It was BYO and everyone stayed the night in tents, in cars, or sleeping outside. It was open to all-comers (and still is). A few locals cooked a BBQ, which tripled as breakfast, lunch and dinner. So much enjoyment was had that it went down again the next year, and the next, and now, thirty-odd years later, the 30th Birthday Party is set to Happen.

Meredith is still BYO, is still held on the Nolan farm, the original organisers are still involved and it is still a celebration of music, nature and humans having a wild time with each other and their environment. And the locals still do the BBQ.

See you at the ‘Sup.

The first-round ballot for Meredith Music Festival 2022 closes at 10.30pm on Monday August 15. The second round closes at 10:30pm on Monday August 22. Head to the festival website for more information.