The Last Ever Punk!

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The Last Ever Punk!

Welcome to the last ever installment of this column – it’s been a pretty cool five year stretch, and I know some of you have been reading since the very beginning. So thank you from the bottom of my cold, black heart. *heart isn’t actually cold and black, it’s an expression!

Holy shitballs, let’s kick off with the news that has everyone in the highest of spirits: the fact that the Misfits (proper) have reformed! Yes, hell has frozen over, and Glenn Danzig has returned to the fold! The band will be headlining Riot Fest this year (in both Colorado AND Illinois) alongside Morrissey and a slew of the world’s biggest punk, rock, new wave and hardcore bands. How big? We’re talking Social Distortion, NOFX, Andrew WK, Descendents, Pennywise, Jimmy Eat World, Bad Religion and The Hives. Book your flights and accommodation NOW kids. This is going to be BEYOND incredible. In fact, I may just be there myself!

Speaking of the Descendents, have you seen the merch the band was peddling at Punk Rock Bowling last month? Some of the coolest shirts and hoodies I have ever seen in my life! If you hurry, you may be able to snag some leftovers online!

In news that will surprise absolutely NOBODY, Rancid have failed to address their disgruntled Aussie fans and their demands for a tour. Poor form, fellas, poor form.

Going through some boxes recently for the first time since I last moved, I came across some blasts from the past in the form of my old Ratcat CDs! My God, how good were they? They had this killer Ramones-y, Buzzcocks-y feel to their sound that was downright irresistible. Easily one of the best pop punk bands this country has ever produced. This Nightmare (which I also proudly own on purple vinyl!) and Blind Love are two albums you need to investigate PRONTO DENTE.
Have you checked out the Udder Ubductees yet? Steph from Hopes Abandoned is their drummer! And she’s ace! Stalk their Facebook and get to a gig!

Blink 182 were featured on the cover of last week’s issue of Kerrang! and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘Oh, look, it’s +44!!!’ Oops! But am I really that wrong? Argue amongst yourselves!

Sniff. This is the part where I usually say something silly about staying tuned for the next installment of this column, but as this is the last one…find something else to do! LOL It’s been real. Love ya’s!

Written by Christopher Cruz