The Kite Machine ushers in a new era with their double A-side release ‘5656 / IP’

The Kite Machine ushers in a new era with their double A-side release ‘5656 / IP’

The Kite Machine band members
Words by Brandon Davis

The Geelong-based prog-rock giants are debuting their first project since the release of the band's self-titled album in 2019.

The Kite Machine have refined their eclectic, groove-infused sound in two brand-new tracks ‘5656’ and ‘Instant Pretty’. The new tracks are bolstered with the rock organ stylings of newest band member Cam Jerabek, totalling over 15 minutes of hard-hitting cerebral ecstasy.

“It’s always been a huge part of our identity… You know, the power trio thing. But we decided after starting work on the new tracks that there were some colours that we wanted to use that we couldn’t achieve without Cam.” says Levi Anderson, musical frontrunner and lyricist for the group.

Anderson’s metaphor is spot on; Jerabek’s influence on the band’s sound is nothing short of colourful. The first and more electrifying of the tracks, ‘5656’, features mind-bending acoustics and intense vocals delivered with a unique and authentic fervency.

Reminiscent of the group’s biggest inspirations including Mutemath and Tool, ‘5656’ retains an irrepressibly melodic and dramatic vibe. Elastic guitar melodies give way to epic choruses and declarations of reckless abandon:

“…If we die tonight, at least we’ll be together.”

Anderson recorded, mixed, and produced the singles at the band’s studio in Barrabool Hills outside of Geelong. The band was first formed here just a few years back, and this connection to their roots brings forth an emotive home-grown sound that permeates through the next track.

‘Instant Pretty’, the second and longest track, disregards The Kite Machine’s formula in favour of an eccentric ballad-like influence. This melts effortlessly into an extended triumphant chorus, reminiscent of a moment from Coldplay’s early days.

Emotionally charged and operating at their prime, The Kite Machine continues to push the boundaries of their anthemic groove-rock roots. Their excellent use of steady transitions and smooth progression allow the band to carve out a place for themselves among the artists that influence them.

The Kite Machine lands in Victoria this July as part of their 9-show tour to commemorate the release of ‘5656 / IP’, including stops at Cherry Bar, The Barwon Club and Halls Gap Hotel.

Tickets are available now via the band’s Facebook page, so be sure not to miss out!