The Kite Machine's Top 5 Rock Artists

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The Kite Machine's Top 5 Rock Artists

Geelong locals The Kite Machine are a funky bunch, brimming with energy and panache and are about to set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons with their new single ‘Sinister Sound’.
Sending vibes similar to Muse, The Black Keys and Queens of The Stone Age, the verses expertly build up the anticipation to the chorus which pays off in spades and will have you reaching for the gear stick to kick into overdrive. That’s not all though. Going all out, the solo rips whatever brain cells you have left and takes the song into the stratosphere. It’s fuzzy, it’s loud and god damn we love it! While lyrically, the track addresses the struggle of trying to make it in the music business, their video clip is an assault on the senses (check it out on YouTube right now).
Having previously shared stages with Pierce Brothers, Kingswood and Stonefield the band are no strangers to taking on big stages and big crowds, the lads are now excited to hit the road for their very own ‘Sinister Sound’ headline tour.
To celebrate the new single and upcoming tour, the boys have shared their all-time favourite rock artists…
Mutemath are one of Levi’s favourite bands, he considers the album Odd Soul to be a masterpiece. Mutemath are one of the core reasons Levi put a band together in the first place and are a huge inspiration for TKM both in the studio and on stage.

Jack White
We tend to love Jack in everything he does. The White Stripes are amazing (obviously), his solo stuff is always on high rotation in the tour van, and the Raconteurs will always be one of TKM’s major musical influences. He inspires us, not just with his guitar playing prowess, but also in the way he approaches the stage, never making any aspect of his performance too easy and seeing slight mistakes as just “the way it’s meant to sound”.
Whenever we’re trying to decide on new pedals we often think to ourselves, WWJWD.

Kane thinks of Tool the way Levi thinks of Mutemath, borderline obsession. We’ve missed so many freeway turn-offs because we’ve been way too into the “next bit” of the song that we just ignore Siri and keep on flying straight. It’s worth it though, those bits were sick.

Rage Against The Machine
We’re HUGE Rage fans. Sometimes it comes across a little too obviously in our songwriting, but we don’t really care. Everyone loves pentatonic scales, everyone loves a whammy and everyone loves leaning on F#.

Jackson Firebird
Levi came across this rocking Mildura duo when he was living there for a year in high school. They quickly shot to the top of Levi’s favourite live bands and it certainly wasn’t long into TKM’s relationship that he got the boys acquainted with that absolute Rock ’n’ Roll titan that is Jackson Firebird. These boys are a live powerhouse and it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what gender you identify as, a JF show will put hairs on your chest.

Catch them at The Workers Club Geelong on September 1 for an 18+ show and an U18′s matinee show. Tickets via Oztix.