The Kite Machine have dropped their debut album

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The Kite Machine have dropped their debut album

With the release of their debut record, Geelong’s The Kite Machine are deftly evading expectations and continuing to boldly carve out their own unique sound. We chat to the guys following the release.

Congrats on the release of your debut album which has been in the works for a long time! Can you tell our readers a bit about the albums creation?
Thanks! We’ve been hard at work on this record for the last three years. Prior to getting stuck in we had a bit of a lineup change and have been building a team behind the scenes. We made the album in a studio in Melbourne and we’re really stoked with it!

It’s said to represent the band’s past, present and future. Are the album tracks in a way that reflects this where you would listen from track #1 through to track #10 or does it not matter?
Not in a narrative sense – there are old tracks that we’ve revived, tracks that we’ve been putting out as recent singles and also a few songs that have pushed our boundaries as artists. But we’ve arranged the track listing so that each side has the right shape and vibe when you listen to it as a whole.

There’s certainly a lot of groove and rock on the album – what have been the main influences to your sound?
Groove and rock for days! We love the vibe and energy of bands like Mutemath and Grouplove which has definitely influenced the energy of the record, while Band of Skulls, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, etc. are our riff rock champions.

The tracks ‘Walls’ and ‘Paper Plains’ stand out on the album as being more melancholy and emotive – is there a story behind either of these tracks? Was it important for you guys to experiment with different tempos and melodies?
Walls and its film clip are part of a story about dealing with anxiety or depression. It was also the first song that all three of us collaborated on from start to finish so while it is more experimental in texture and melody, it’s definitely something we want to pursue more of. ‘Paper Plains’ is similar – in context of the album, it’s important that there’s balance, symmetry and breathing room. It’s just a delicate track that fits great with the rest of the album.

Three years in the making – is there a particularly special track on the album? Perhaps a favourite or that you are most proud of?
We love playing ‘Top of the Hill’. Most of these songs are born on the stage and this has been one that has the most energy and is the one we get to cut loose on live.

You guys also had a Pozible campaign running which aimed to raise the funds required to fully bankroll a production run of 12” Vinyl copies of the album. Do you think this medium is something that musicians should continue to foster, and what is it about vinyl that you think music lovers particularly enjoy?
We think just put music out the way you want people to hear it. One of our goals is to encourage people to listen to this album as a whole experience and vinyl is great for that as you can’t skip or shuffle. We’re really grateful that people have backed us in and want to see that dream realised!

In terms of people loving it, the music world is so crowded nowadays – I think the physical format can never die because it’s the most intimate way people can interact with their favourite artists.

Now that the album is out for all to hear, what are your plans for the rest of the year?
Getting on the road to tour, East coast definitely. And hopefully get in to start writing as a band now. We’ve already got some great ideas that are shaping up to look like some great new tunes. No rest for the wicked.

Any last words?
Thanks to everyone who helped make this record possible. See you soon at a show near you!

The Kite Machine (self-titled debut album) is out now.

Catch them at Karova Lounge, Ballarat – June 1, Halls Gap Hotel, Halls Gap – June 7 & Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong – June 14.