VIDEO PREMIERE: ALLIPHA commands attention with buzzy new single, ‘Freak Inside’

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VIDEO PREMIERE: ALLIPHA commands attention with buzzy new single, ‘Freak Inside’

“Why does getting high, make us feel so low?”

This is the central question permeating throughout ALLIPHA’s latest single, ‘Freak Inside’ which shows the songwriter delving into the highs and lows of a relationship and the thrills one can get from it – whether they be good or bad.

As her first entry for 2019, ALLIPHA set a strong tone for an exciting year of new music ahead with this track – a sign of her continued developed artistry and creative motivations.

Recorded at Sydney’s Forbes Street Studios, ‘Freak Inside’ is a confident step forward for the young artist, who dropped her debut single ‘Minds on Fire’ just last year, drawing praise from Triple J Unearthed and blogs alike.

It’s clear in this new single, ALLIPHA is at her most honest – with songwriting and lyricism stemming from experiences lived, ones many listeners can identify with. “I wrote the song about a rollercoaster of a relationship where we could get a type of high or thrill off of our insane arguments, and we would just feel exhausted and shit in the long run. I wrote this after a real doozy and the song is quite raw for the both of us,” she says.

And now alongside the single, we are stoked to be revealing the accompanying music video, which matches ALLIPHA’s step into a more provocative musical territory.

Filmed in Port Melbourne’s Studio Revolution by Amy Dellar, ALLIPHA’s lyrics are stripped back as she performs, the camera focused on her positioned on a lone bed. Capturing the sensuality of the single while letting the impact of the music land as well on screen as it does on record, the visuals for ‘Freak Inside’ demonstrates Allipha’s confidence as a performer, and striking presence on screen.

And let’s me honest, she also looks amazing and incredibly comfy in her tee and underwear, really proving less is more with this video and letting the lyrics speak for themselves.

“My first film clip was an absolute dream. The whole crew were incredible, Amy’s vision was incredible. People get confused if I was on a spinning bed or the camera was on a dolley. I was on a spinning bed, and it was the most calming thing! It’s like when you’re in a rocking chair and the motion is calming.”

Check out the video below.

If you dig, you can catch Allipha on Thursday April 18th at Gasometer Upstairs Melbourne for the launch of the track with supports from KYE and FLOSS. Tickets can be purchased here.