The Hunter. The Hunted at the Potato Shed

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The Hunter. The Hunted at the Potato Shed

Weaving three theatrical styles into one, physical theatre ensemble Company13 will bring the fruits of their labour to the Potato Shed 8pm Friday 16 August with The Hunter. The Hunted.

Melding gothic melodrama, the Dadaist absurdity of a troupe of clowns and the confessional realism of personal stories, Company13 have created a work that examines the ways that desire, love and infatuation create havoc with our rational sense of who we are, or, in other words, don’t let your head get in the way of your heart.

A horror thriller, The Hunter. The Hunted is Frankenstein meets Downton Abbey, full of passion, drama, and tragedy, with a fair dose of idiocy to create a unique and engaging work.

“The central story in this work is really about the battle between the rational and the intuitive, played out in a love triangle. Perfect fodder for a Gothic melodrama. I really enjoy mixing lots of play and fun with big dramatic stuff, and this show has all that,” says director James Pratt.

Company13 comprises five experienced theatre makers and actors who may be challenged by maths, but are committed to making work that celebrates the messiness of our human lives, work that is cleverly made but it’s not about being clever, work that frames our great moments and our moments that sorely lack good judgement.

Book online at or in person at the Box Office or by calling 5251 1998